Bed Jacket Pattern #1501

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Size 14-16

MATERIALS REQUIRED—American Thread Company
"Dawn" Saxony Yarn.

8¾-oz. Balls White, Pink, Blue, or Baby Pastels.
Bone Crochet Hook No. 1.
1½ yds. of Ribbon.

Gauge—12 d c = 2 inches—7 rows = 2 inches.

For larger sizes add 6 sts to both front and back for each size larger.

Back Yoke. Ch 100, work 1 d c in 4th st from hook, 1 d c in each remaining st of ch (1st row of d c should measure about 15 inches).

2nd Row—Sl st to 4th d c, ch 3 and work a row of d c omitting the last 3 d c (ch 3 counts as 1 d c).

3rd Row—Sl st to 2nd d c, ch 3, work a row of d c omitting the last d c. Work 21 rows even ch 3, turn. Next row work 27 d c for shoulder, work 1 row even. Next 19 rows increase one st at neck edge.

Next Row—increase one st each side, ch 5 at under­arm edge, turn, d c in 4th st from hook d c in next st and continue across row, working neck edge even, break yarn and work other side to correspond start­ing at shoulder edge. Join Yoke at underarms.

Body of Jacket. This is worked in knot st starting in front, *pull up a ⅜ inch loop on hook, s c over the single loop, repeat from *, skip 1 d c, s c in next d c, repeat knot sts in every other d c across row. Work a 3 loop knot st to turn each row.

2nd Row—*S c in center s c of knot st in previous row, double knot st and repeat from * across row. Repeat 2nd row for 9 inches or the length desired. Sleeves: Join yarn at underarm seam and work 1 knot st at underarm, 1 knot st over every other row 7 times, 1 knot st over every row 16 times, 1 knot st over every other row 7 times, 1 knot st at underarm. Continue working rows of knot sts, 1 st in each st until sleeve measures 10½ inches (about 28 rows).

Next Row—*Ch 1, 1 s c in center of next loop, repeat from *all around.

Next Row—Ch 3 and work 2 d c in each ch 1 loop. Work 3 more rows of d c. Next row, work a knot st in every other d c and work 4 more rows of knot sts.

Beading. Starting on the wrong side of lower edge of front yoke, ch 3, d c in same space, *ch 2, skip 1 row, 2 d c in next row, repeat from * around entire yoke, ch 3, turn.

Next Row—2 d c in same space, * s c in next d c, ch 3, 2 d c in same space, repeat from * around yoke. Lace ribbon through beading leaving an end to tie.