Mayflower Vanity Set Pattern #7125

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Mayflower Vanity Set Pattern #7125

Materials: Choose one of the following threads in White or Ecru:
J. & P. Coats Big Ball Best Six Cord Mercerized Crochet, size 50, 1 ball.
Clark's O.N.T. Mercerized Crochet, size 50, 3 balls.
J. & P. Coats Mercerized Crochet, size 50, 2 balls.
Milward's steel crochet hook No. 12.
½ yd. handkerchief linen.

When completed, centerpiece measures about 12 x 15 inches, and each side piece about 12 x 8½ inches.

Centerpiece. First Motif. Starting at center, ch 8 and join with sl st to form ring. 1st rnd: Ch 1, 15 s c in ring. Join with sl st to ch-1 first made. 2nd rnd: Ch 9 (to count as tr and ch-5), * skip 1 s c, tr in next s c, ch 5. Repeat from * around. Join last ch-5 to 4th st of ch-9 first made. 3rd rnd: Ch 1, * 5 s c in next sp, s c in next tr. Repeat from * around, ending rnd with 5 s c in last sp. Join. 4th rnd: * Ch 10, s c in next s c, which is directly above tr. Repeat from * around. Join last ch-10 at base of ch-10 first made. 5th rnd: 15 s c in each ch-10 loop around. Fasten and break off.

Second Motif. Work as for first motif to 4th rnd incl. 5th rnd: * 7 s c in next ch-10 loop, join with sl st to 8th s c of 15-s c loop on first motif (always keeping right side of work on top), 7 s c back in same loop on second motif. Repeat from * once more. Complete rnd as for first motif. Join. Break off.

Make 36 more motifs, and join as in illustration, joining each motif to previous one as second was joined to first.

Heading. Attach thread to 8th s c of any inside loop of side motifs, * ch 9, s c in 8th s c of next loop of same motif, ch 8, d tr at base of next two 15-s c loops, d tr in joining of 2 motifs, d tr at base of next two 15-s c loops, ch 8, s c in 8th s c of next loop. Repeat from * around, making 5 d tr, and ch-5 instead of ch-8, in corner motifs.

Cut linen slightly larger than inside measurements of edging just completed (about 10 x 13½ inches), and make a rolled hem all around edges. Sew edging to linen with over-and-over stitches on wrong side. This completes centerpiece.

Side Pieces. Work as for centerpiece, making 26 motifs instead of 38 motifs. Arrange motifs as in illustration, and join as for large mat. Make a heading on inside of edging as before.

Cut linen slightly larger than inside measurements of edging, and finish as before.