Gift Shopping with Crochet | Book No. 191 | The Spool Cotton Company

Gift Shopping with Crochet | Book No. 191 | The Spool Cotton Company

Gift Shopping with Crochet
Book 191
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1942

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Patterns Included: 
String Gloves, Knitting Bag, Jabat, Collar, Lapel Flower, Loop Trimmed Scuffs, Soft Handbag, Flowerettes Earrings, Butterflies, Bells Earrings, Buttons Earrings, Round Compact Cover, Square Compact Cover, Leaf Sachet, Square Sachet, Hanky Case, Long Shopping Bag, Carry All, Small Pincushion, Sewing Kit, Curtain Pulls, Round Shopping Bag, Carnation, Poppy, Large Pincushion, Daisy, Twin Beanies, Baby Bib, Childs Dress, Dolls Dress, Junior Foot Cozies, Jiffy Luncheon Set, Glass Jackets, Pineapple Basket, Pot Holder Trio, Sugar and Cream Potholders, Hot Plate Mats, Coat Hangers, Betsy Ross Flag, Bean Bag, Jiffy Ann Doll.

Your friends love to get handmade gifts . . . (shows you've taken time, trouble and thought!). It's so e-a-s-y to crochet, and so inexpensive! Here's a book chock full of darling gift ideas for dates all around the calendar . . . summer or winter, birthdays or anniversaries. . . . Remember, there's nothing more appreciated than a handmade gift! So relax and crochet today, for YOURSELF . . . for YOUR FRIENDS!

General Information

GAUGE ... Before starting your article, make a small sample of the stitch or motif. If your working tension is too tight or too loose, use a finer or coarser needle to obtain the correct gauge.

TO LAUNDER COTTON ARTICLES ... Before laundering, record all important measurements. Launder article in warm water, using a good neutral soap or soap flakes. Do not use bleaching solutions! Allow to dry thoroughly on a flat sur­face. Then block article, following Block­ing Directions.

BLOCKING DIRECTIONS ... Using rust-proof pins, pin individual pieces right-side-down on Turkish towels. Press with a hot iron through a damp cloth. When thoroughly dry, remove pins.

STIFFENING BASKET ... Have ready straight pins, a large square of cardboard with a tall heavy glass turned upside down in the center of it. Then, in a pot large enough to hold crocheted pieces, mix ? cup of water with 1 cup of sugar. Boil for 2 minutes. Put pieces into mix­ture and boil for 2 more minutes, stir­ring continually to insure even distribu­tion of syrup through pieces. Remove pieces. Pull basket over glass and pin points to cardboard. Let stand until almost dry but still flexible enough to mold into shape. Shape basket as in illus­tration or as desired. Allow to dry thor­oughly. Handle is stretched flat and dried. If desired, run a wire through handle before sewing to basket. Run rib­bon through handle and sew rosette in place.

STARCHING ... Starch the article, pin out on a padded surface following original measurements and outline. Press through a dry cloth and remove pins when article is dry. The stiffness of the starched article is governed by individual taste. Following directions on packaged starch and experimenting will bring de­sired results.

IMPORTANT ... Be sure to buy at one time sufficient material of the same dye lot to complete the article you wish to make, as it is impossible to avoid slight variations in color in different dye lots.

Knitting Patterns: