The Magic of Crochet | Book No. 168 | The Spool Cotton Company

The Magic of Crochet | Book No. 168 | Spool Cotton Company

The Magic of Crochet
Book No. 168
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1941

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Patterns Included: 
Shadow Play Lamp Shade, Humdinger Mat, Glass Jackets, Peppermint Stripes Hanger Covers, Ship Shape Pot Holders, Popcorn Man Stool Cover, Wildfire Luncheon Set, Grandmas Work Bag, Edging No. 1, Edging No. 2, Snack Set, Pink Delight Basket, May Basket, Bathroom Set, Cat Tail Motif, Curtain Pull No. 1, Curtain Pull No. 2, Knit Two Purl Two Bag, Edging No. 3, Extravaganza Doily, Fair Lady Gloves, Patio Pets Slippers, Picture Pretty Collar, Seafoam Collar, Pinwheel Case, Popcorn Square, Bo Peep Bow, Love Knot Bow, Good Fishing Motif, Vermonter Rug, Bonbon Doily.

General Information …

GAUGE … For perfect results your number of stitches and rows should correspond with that in the directions. Before starting your article, make a small sample of the stitch. If your work­ing tension is too tight or too loose, use a finer or coarser needle, to obtain the correct gauge.

TO LAUNDER COTTON ARTICLES … Before laundering, record all im­portant measurements. Use a good neu­tral soap or soap flakes; make suds in warm water. Squeeze suds through ar­ticle until it is clean. Rinse thoroughly and wring out. Lay out article on Turkish towels, according to recorded meas­urements, and pin in place with rust­proof pins. Press through dry cloth. When thoroughly dry, remove pins. Press lightly where necessary.

BLOCKING DIRECTIONS … Using rust-proof pins, pin individual pieces right-side-down on Turkish towels. Press with a hot iron, through a damp cloth. When thoroughly dry, remove pins.

SUGAR STIFFENING … Make a thin syrup by boiling about 3 cup of sugar with 1 cup of water for about 5 minutes. Dip the article in the syrup when it is cool enough to handle, re­move and pull into shape following original measurements and outline. Then let dry.

STARCHING … Starch the article, pin out on a padded surface follow­ing original measurements and outline. Press through a dry cloth and remove pins when article is dry. The stiffness of the starched article is governed by individual taste. Following directions on packaged starch and experimenting will bring desired results.

IMPORTANT … Be sure to buy at one time sufficient material of the same dye lot to complete the article you wish to make, as it is impossible to avoid slight variations in colors in different dye lots.

Knitting Patterns: 
Craft Patterns: