Curtain Pull Pattern #9268-A

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Curtain Pull Pattern #9268-A


CLARK'S O.N.T. or J. & P. COATS BEST SIX CORD MERCERIZED CRO­CHET, size 20, 1 ball. This amount is sufficient for 4 pulls.
Milward's Steel Crochet Hook No. 9.
A bone ring, ¾ inch in diameter at outer circumference, for each pull.

1st rnd: 60 s c in ring. Join with sl st to 1st s c made. 2nd rnd: Ch 3, d c in each sc around. Sl st in 3rd st of start­ing ch. 3rd rnd: Ch 3, d c in next 2 d c, * ch 1, 5 d c in next st, drop loop from hook, insert hook in ch-1 preceding 5 d c and draw dropped loop through (a pc st made); d c in next 3 d c. Repeat from * around. Join with sl st to 3rd st of ch-3 first made. 4th rnd: Ch 3, * pc st in next d c, d c in next d c, 2 d c in tip of next pc st, d c in next d c. Repeat from * around. Join and fasten off.

CORD … For a 12-inch cord, cut six 1-yard strands. Pull all strands through a st in depression between 2 points. Letting pull hang at center of strands, twist strands tightly, double the twisted strands at center where pull hangs, then give them a 2nd twist in the opposite direction. Trim cord to length desired, and tie loose ends.