Coaster Cups Pattern #9

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Coaster Cups Pattern #9

MATERIALS—Lily Rug Yarn, Art. 241:—1-sk. each of desired number of colors. (Each skein will make several Cups). 1-sk. Lily Six Strand Floss in a contrasting color for each Cup.
Crochet hooks sizes 0 and 5.

CUP—In Yarn and size 0 hook, ch 2, making 1st ch slightly longer than usual, 9 sc in long ch. ROW 2—In back lps, make 2 sc in each sc. Mark end of rows. ROW 3—(Sc in next sc, 2 sc in next) 9 times. ROW 4—(Sc in 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc) 9 times. ROW 5—Sc in 36 sc. Sl st in 2 sc. TOP—Ch 14, sk last ch, sl st, sc, hdc and 9 dc on ch. Holding back on hook the last lp of each dc, make 2 dc in end ch, yarn over and pull thru all 3 lps on hook at once (Cluster made). * Sk 2 sc on circle, sl st in next sc. Ch 1, turn, sk sl st, sc in back lps of next 9 dc, ** ch 5, turn, sk last ch, sl st, sc, hdc and dc on bal. of ch, dc in back lp of next 8 sc, a 2-dc Cluster in end sc. Repeat from * around, working to ** after 12th petal. Fasten off. Turn rightside-out. Lap last row over 1st row and tack tog.

EDGE—With Floss and size 5 hook, sc between 2 points, * (ch 1, sc in next st up point) 3 times, ch 1, 2 sc in point tip, ch 4, sl st in last sc for a p, 2 sc in same tip, (ch 1, sc in next st down other side of point) 3 times, ch 1, sc between points. Repeat from * around. Fasten off.

Rub inside of Cups with a pad of cloth dipped in hot, thick starch. As they dry, arrange in true shape with points curled over as in illustration.