Kitchen Corner Crocheted Ball Trim and Tie Back Pattern #15

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Kitchen Corner Crocheted Ball Trim and Tie Back Pattern #15

MATERIALS—Lily Rug Yarn, Art. 241, in Red. Crochet hook size 0.

BALL FRINGE—Ch 8, * 3 dc in 5th ch from hook, holding back on hook the last lp of each dc, thread over and pull thru all 4 lps on hook at once (a Cluster made), make another 3-dc Cluster in same st, remove hook, insert it back in top ch before 1st Cluster, catch lp and pull thru very tightly (popcorn st made). Ch 3, sl st in same st at base of pc st. Pinch into a round ball. Ch 10 and repeat from * for desired length (about 14 balls per foot of finished edging). ROW 2—Ch 10, sc between last 2 balls, (ch 4, sc between next 2 balls) repeated to end, keeping Row 1 untwisted. Sew Row 2 on edge of curtains.

SHELF TRIM—Add ROW 3—Join to beginning of Row 2 and make 4 dc in each ch-4 sp, 1 dc in each sc. Fasten with thumb tacks to edge of cupboard shelves.

CURTAIN TIE BACK—Ch 88, (16½" long), sk last 4 ch, dc in each remaining ch to end. ROW 2—* Ch 6 and make a ball in 5th st from hook. Ch 1, sc in center of end. Ch 6, a ball, ch 1, sc in corner st. (Ch 6, a ball, ch 1, sk 3 dc, sc in next dc) repeated across to corner. Repeat from *. Fasten off. Press on back.