Kettle Black Pot Holder Pattern #22

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Kettle Black Pot Holder Pattern #22

MATERIALS—Lily Rug Yarn, Art. 241. 1-skein Black and 1 partial skein Red. Size 00 steel crochet hook.

GAUGE—4 rows to the inch; 4 sts to the inch. Completed size approximately 8" x 8".

Ch 11. ROWS 1, 2—Sc in each ch of previous row, increasing in 1st and last sts. ROW 3—Sc across increasing in 3rd and 12th sts. ROW 4—Sc across, increasing in 2nd and 15th sts. ROWS 5-10—Sc across, increasing in 1st and last st. ROWS 11-15—Sc across without increasing. ROWS 16-20—Dec. in 1st sc in each row. ROW 21—Sc across, decreasing in 3rd and 21st sts. ROW 22—Sc across decreasing in 4th and in 15th sts. Ch 1 at end of row. ROW 23—Sc across. End with ch 1. ROWS 24 & 25—Sc across, increasing in 1st and last st. ROW 26—Sl st in 1st sc. sc across decreasing in last st. ROW 27—Sc across decreasing in 1st two and last two sts. ROW 28—Sc across, decreasing in 1st 2 sts. ROW 29—Sc across, decreasing in 1st two sts. Sc all the way around the edge of pot holder, increasing 1 st at each point (4th row from top). Fasten off.

RED FEET—In Red, ch 16. ROWS 1 & 2—Sc across. Fasten off. Make two. Fold double. Tie with Black yarn ¼ inch from fold. Sew feet to bottom of kettle 2½" apart, 1¼" from bottom.

TOP—In Red, starting at point 4th row from top, sc across to other point. Ch 70. Sew this to bottom of 6th row, meeting Red trimming on other side. HANDLE—In Red, ch 69. Sc across. Fasten off. Sew handle to row of Red ch-sts, 1" in from right hand side.