Pom Pom Nosegay Pattern #440

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Pom Pom Nosegay Pattern #440

Materials: Clark's O.N.T. Pearl Cotton, Size 5, 1 ball each of any 2 colors desired and Green. Milward's steel crochet hook No. 5.

Pom-Pom. Cut a cardboard ½ inch wide and 3 inches long. Cut a strand of Green 24 inches long. Double it and place it across the length of cardboard for stem. Wind one color around the width of cardboard 300 times. Break off. Pick up both ends of stem and tie at center securely, thus making stem 4 strands.

Calyx. With Green ch 4, join with sl st to form ring. 1st rnd: Make 6 s c in ring. 2nd rnd: Make 2 s c in each s c. Then work 3 rnds, making 1 s c in each s c of previous rnd. Break off. Pass stem through center of calyx and sew calyx to flower along edges. Then double the stem and make 1 s c in loop at lower end of stem. Working over all 8 strands make 1 row of s c. Sl st to calyx enough to hold stem firmly, and then at base of each s c of stem make 1 sl st. Fasten and break off. Make two more pom-poms in same color, and make 3 pom-poms in the other color. Leaves. With Green ch 26, turn. 1st rnd: S c in 2nd ch from hook, 1 s c in each of next 2 ch, 1 d c in each of next 19 ch, 1 s c in each of next 2 ch, 2 s c in last ch. Then work along other side of foundation chain making 2 s c, 19 d c, 3 s c. 2nd rnd: Sl st in each st around, picking up the back loop of each st. Break off. Make 4 more leaves.

Group pom-poms and place leaves around outer edges of group and sew in position as desired.