Bean Bag Pattern

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Bean Bag Pattern

American Thread Company Sillateen Sansil.
3 Balls, White, Solid, Iridescent or Shaded Colors.
Steel Crochet Hook # 1 or 2.

Work in s c using 3 strands at one time. Ch 3 and work 6 s c in 1st ch, do not join rows.
2nd, 3rd & 4th Rows. Increase in every other st.
5th Row. Increase in every 5th st and work 1 row even.
7th & 8th Rows. Repeat 5th row and work 1 row even.
10th & 11th Rows. Increase in every 6th st, break thread. Work a second section, do not break thread. Crochet the 2 sections together with a row of s c leaving a small opening, fill and complete joining.