Field of Wheat Chair Set Pattern #7508

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Field of Wheat Chair Set Pattern #7508

J. & P. COATS KNIT-CRO-SHEEN, 1 ball White or Ecru, or 2 balls of any color.
Milward's Steel Crochet Hook No. 4.

GAUGE: 2 loops make 1 inch; 1 row of tr tr makes ¾ inch.

Chair Back—about 12 x 16 inches
Arm Pieces—about 6½ x 10 inches

CHAIR BACK … Starting at bottom, make a chain to measure 20 inches (9 ch sts to 1 inch). 1st row: Sc in 8th ch from hook, * ch 5, skip 3 ch, sc in next ch. Repeat from * across until there are 33 loops in all. (Cut off remaining chain.) Ch 7, turn. 2nd row: 3 tr tr in each loop across, and 4 tr tr in last loop. Ch 5, turn. 3rd row: * Skip tr tr group, sc in next sp (between the tr tr groups), ch 5. Repeat from * across, ending with ch 5, sc just before turning ch. Ch 5, turn. 4th and 5th rows: * Sc in next loop, ch 5. Repeat from * across. Ch 7 to turn at end of 5th row. Repeat the 2nd to 5th rows incl for pattern, until piece measures 12 inches in all, ending with 1 row of loops after the last tr tr row. Do not break off, but work a row of sc around entire piece, making 3 sc in each loop across top and bottom.

ARM PIECES … Starting at one narrow end, make a chain to measure 8 inches. 1st row: Same as 1st row of Chair Back until there are 13 loops. Ch 7, turn. Continue to work same as Chair Back until piece measures 10 inches. Finish as for Chair Back. Block to measurements given.

Field of Wheat Chair Set Pattern #7508