Bedspreads | Book No. 158 | The Spool Cotton Company

Bedspreads | Book No. 158 | The Spool Cotton Company

Book No. 158
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1941

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Patterns Included: 
Hoops! My Dear Bedspread, Filet Beauty Bedspread, Prairie Flower Bedspread, Pomp and Circumstance Bedspread, Seventh Heaven Bedspread, O Promise Me! Bedspread, Old Louisiana Bedspread, Old Concord Bedspread, Sunnyside Bedspread, Popcorn Petals Bedspread, Chevrons Bedspread, Love in a Cottage Bedspread, Crinoline Bedspread, Reverie Bedspread, Sleepy Hollow Bedspread.

Typically American is the beautiful crocheted bedspread ... the crowning glory to any bedroom. Since America began, home-makers have appreciated its worth ... its decorative appeal. Here is a pageant of bedspreads, planned for the American homes of today ... steeped in the historic past, and rooted in the decorative trends that have inspired crocheters since early Colonial days.

Simple, unpretentious Colonial themes for your beds of pine and maple. Elaborate, romantic spreads for your traditional 19th century mahogany, your delightful Victoria, the pet of the decorators! Are you a young modern who likes the dynamic simplicity of the contemporary? We've included smart modern designs for you?

To make these spreads seem even more real, more American, we took pictures of them in actual homes! And as a word of advice, don't be frightened at the prospect of tackling so large an item as a bedspread. Motifs make surprisingly nice pick-up work. And there is the final satisfaction of knowing that, aside from the negligible cost of the thread, your finished work of art has true heirloom value.