Summer Entertainment Tablecloth Pattern #4

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Summer Entertainment Tablecloth Pattern #4

MATERIALS—Lily SKYTONE Mercerized Crochet Cotton:—1-ball Lavender, 3-balls Pansy and 4-balls Shd. Greens. Lily Six Strand Floss:—3-sks. Lt. Yellow.
Crochet hook No. 7.
4-yds. Dk. Green linen or rayon.
Size—64 x 72 inches.

BRAIDROW 1—With Pansy, ch 7, dc in 7th ch from hook, (ch 6, turn, dc in dc) repeated for length of cloth. Fasten off. ROW 2—Join Shd. Greens to last dc, ch 2, * dc in next ch-6 lp, (ch 2, dc) 3 times in same lp. Repeat from * across to other end, ch 2, sc in end of Row 1. Ch 2 and repeat from * across other side. Join with ch 2 and sl st. Fasten off. Make 4 lengths of Braid.

FLOWER—With Lavender, ch 7, join with sl st to form ring. ROW 1—Ch 3, 19 dc in ring, join with sl st in top of ch-3. ROW 2—Ch 7, 2 dtr in same st, (ch 4, sk 1 dc, 3 dtr in next dc) 9 times, ch 4, join with sl st in top of ch-7. Fasten off. ROW 3—Beg. at the start of one color section, join Pansy to one ch-4 sp, * working in same sp make ch 4, tr, ch 3, sl st in tr for a p, (2 tr, p) twice, 1 tr, ch 4 and sl st. Ch 2, sl st in next sp. Repeat from * 9 times. By adjusting length and tightness of sts, each color section will make a petal, so there will be alternate Yellow and Purple petals around Flower. Join and fasten off. Center—With Lt. Yellow Floss ch 6, sl st in 6th ch from hook, (ch 5, sl st in same ch) 4 times. Cut and tack in Flower center.

LEAF SPRAYROW 1—With Slid. Greens ch 23, * sc in 2d ch from hook, hdc in next ch, dc in 4 ch, hdc in next ch, sc in next, sl st in next, ** (ch 12, repeat from * to **) 3 times, sl st in next 2 ch, (ch 10, repeat from * to **, sl st in ch 2 between petals) twice, ch 10, repeat from * to **, sl st in next 2 ch of stem. ROW 2—Ch 12, turn, sc in tip of 1st petal, (ch 8, sc in next petal) 6 times, ch 12, sl st in same st on stem where row started. ROW 3—Ch 1, turn, 14 sc in ch-12 lp, (9 sc in next lp) 3 times, in next sc make sc, ch 4, sl st in sc for a p, and sc. (9 sc in next lp) 3 times, 14 sc in next lp, sl st in each st of stem. Fasten off. Make 2 Leaves. Center Leaf—Ch 50 and repeat from * in Row 1. Tack 1st 2 Leaves to center of stem of Center Leaf, one on each side. Cut cloth into 2 equal lengths and seam tog. lengthwise. Sew one Braid over seam. Sew a 2d Braid 6½" from 1st one. 10" on other side of 1st Braid, sew 3d Braid, and 6½" from this, sew 4th Braid. This makes two 6½" bands lengthwise of cloth 10" apart. Cut sides of cloth an equal distance from bands.

EDGE—Make ¼" hem around cloth. ROW 1—Working over hem, join Lavender to one corner with sc, (ch 3, sc over hem in same corner) twice, (ch 3, sc over hem farther along) repeated around with each corner like 1st one. Join to 1st sc. Fasten off. ROW 2—Join Pansy with 4 sc in 1st sp at one corner, ch 6, 4 sc in next corner sp, (ch 6, sk 1 sp, 4 sc in next sp) repeated around with each corner like 1st one. Join to 1st sc and fasten off. ROW 3—Join Shd. Greens to a corner lp, ch 5, dc in same lp, (ch 2, dc) 4 times in same lp, * dc in next ch-6 lp, (ch 2, dc) 3 times in same lp. Repeat from * around with each corner like 1st one. Join to 3d ch of ch-5 and fasten off.

Make enough Flowers and Leaf Sprays to cover each 6½" band. Following illustration start at one end of one band with one Flower and a single Leaf in end. Put a 2d Flower diagonally across band, then alternate a Leaf Spray and 2 Flowers for length of band, in a diagonal, zig-zag pattern. After arranging one group, lay a piece of tissue paper over motifs and trace around them with pencil. Lay tissue paper over this pattern and trace one for each group, using ink. Pin on cloth alternating them right-side-up, then wrong-side-up, to reverse pattern and make zig-zag design. Baste motifs tightly thru both paper and cloth, first cutting out centers of flowers and leaves in the paper to make removal easier. Tear away paper and hem motifs down. Repeat on 2d band.

Stretch and pin cloth right-side-down on curtain or quilting frames. Lay frames over an ironing board or padded table a section at a time, steaming and pressing dry each section thru a cloth until completely blocked.

Summer Entertainment Tablecloth Pattern #4