Bonnet Pattern

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Bonnet Pattern


MATERIALS—SPINNERIN HEAVEN SPUN 2 balls; 1 bone Crochet Hook No. E; 1 yard white hat wire; 2 yards satin ribbon for ties.

MEASUREMENTS—Back of neck to forehead (to beg. of turnback) 10 inches, around head 18 inches.

GAUGE—5 S. C. = 1 inch. 6 rows = 1 inch. Accurate gauge is essential.

PATTERN—Single Crochet.

Using a double strand of yarn, ch. 4 and join to form ring. Work 6 S. C. in ring. Join with a slip st. in top of first S. C. of round (each round will be joined in this manner). Ch. 1. Work 2 S. C. in each st. ch. 1. Work 1 S. C. in first st. * work 2 S. C. in next st., work 1 S. C. in next st. and repeat from * to end of round. Ch. 1. *Work 1 S. C. in each of 2 sts., work 2 S. C. in next st., repeat from * for 1 round. Continue in this manner to inc. 6 sts. in each round, having 1 st. more between inc. each round until there are 78 S. C. in round; (4½ inches in diame­ter). Work 6 rounds even. Break off yarn. With wrong side of work toward you, and starting in 8th st. from joining of rounds, work 1 row of S. C. around cap to 8 sts. before joining. Ch. 1, turn. Work back and forth in S. C. dec. 1 st. each end of every 4th row 3 times, (when dec., work tog. the 2nd and 3rd sts. from end of row). Work 2 rows of S. C. around bottom of cap, dec. 5 sts. at even intervals across back of neck in first row. With wrong side of work toward you, work back and forth across front of cap, for turnback, as fol­lows: Row 1—Dec. 1 st. as before, at the beg. of row, then inc. 1 st. in every 12th st. across row. Row 2—Dec. 1 st. at the beg. of row, work even to end of row. Row 3—Dec. 1 st. at the beg. of row, inc. in the 6th st., then in every 12th st. across row. Row 4—Repeat Row 2. Repeat these 4 rows until turnback measures 2¼ inches. Break off yarn. Fasten yarn at edge of turnback on right side of cap. Work 1 slip st. in first st., then working over hat wire, work 1 row of S. C. all around turnback. Fasten off. Leave about 1 inch of hat wire at each end of row. Turn this wire back into S. C. row and sew in place. Make rosettes of ribbon for ties and sew in place on each side of cap, just back of turnback.