Baby Festival Baby Set Pattern

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Baby Festival Baby Set Pattern


MATERIALSFor Afghan—SPINNERIN MARVEL TWIST 4 skeins; composition crochet hook No. 1. For Sacque, Cap and Bootees—SPINNERIN HEAVEN SPUN 4 balls; composition crochet hook No. E; 3 yds. satin ribbon for ties.

GAUGEAfghan—4 Star Sts. = 2¼ inches. 6 rows (3 patterns) = 2 inches. Sacque, Cap & Bootees—5 Star Sts. = 1½ inches. 10 rows (5 patterns) = 2 inches. Accurate gauge is essential.

PATTERN STITCH—Combination of Star St. and Single Crochet. Row 1—Yarn over hook, draw up a loop in each of the first 3 S. C. (5 loops on hook), yarn over and draw through all 5 loops; ch 1 to close, forming "eye", (this is a Star St. at the beg. of the row) ; *yarn over hook, draw up a loop through loop just below "eye" of Star st. just made, draw up a loop at base of this st. (in the same S. C. through which last loop of previous Star st. was drawn), draw up a loop in each of the next 2 S. C., (6 loops on hook), yarn over hook and draw through all 6 loops, ch 1 to close, (this is a Star St. for remainder of row). Repeat from * across row, ending with 1 D. C. in same S. C. as last loop of last Star st. of row. Ch 1 and turn. Row 2—Work 1 S. C. in top of last D. C. of previous row, * 1 S. C. in "eye" of next Star st., 1 S. C. through top of same Star st., repeat from * across row. Ch 2 and turn. Repeat these 2 rows for pattern.

NOTE—As a check on your work, you will find that the 5th loop on the hook in the 6-loop Star sts. will come directly over the "eye" of the Star st. in the row below.

AFGHAN—Size 30 x 34 inches. Make a very loose ch about 29 inches long. Work 85 S. C. on this ch. Ch 2, turn. Cut off remaining ch. Work in pattern given above until work measures 30 inches from start, ending with Row 2. Fasten off.

BORDER—Starting at corner, with right side of work toward you, work 1 row of S. C. around entire afghan, work­ing 3 S. C. in each corner. Join with a slip st. in top of first st. of row. Turn, and continue to work back and forth all around entire afghan in S. C. alternately, working 2 S. C. in corner on 1 row and 3 S. C. in corners on next row. When border measures 2 inches work a picot row as follows: *work 1 S. C. in each of 4 sts., ch 3, slip st. in top of last S. C., repeat from * all around afghan spacing picots so as to have a picot in each corner.

SACQUE—Ch 130 loosely. Work 1 S. C. in 2nd st. from hook. Work 1 S. C. in each ch to end of row (129 S. C.). Work in pattern given for 12 complete patterns. Note: "complete pattern" means a Star st. row and a S. C. row.

RIGHT FRONT—Work in pattern on first 14 Stars (29 S. C.) for right front. Work back and forth in pattern, leaving 1 Star st. at arm edge every Star st. row twice. Work even until there are 17 com­plete patterns from start. Slip st. over 4 Star sts. at neck edge. Work 2 complete patterns on remaining 8 Star sts. (17 S. C.). Fasten off.

BACK—Leave 4 Star sts. for under­arm. Starting in the 5th Star st. from armhole edge, of right front, work in pattern over center 28 Star sts., (57 S. C.). Work back and forth in pattern, leav­ing 1 Star st. each end of Star row twice. Work even on remaining 24 Star sts. until there are 19 complete patterns from start. Fasten off.

LEFT FRONT—Leave 4 Star sts. for underarm. Starting in 5th Star st. from armhole edge of back, work in pattern over remaining 14 Star sts. to correspond with right front.

SLEEVES—Ch 46 loosely. Work 1 S. C. in 2nd ch from hook and 1 S. C. in each remaining ch (45 S. C.). Work 11 complete patterns. Then leave 2 Star sts. each end of next Star st. row for underarm. Leave 1 Star st. each end of each Star st. row 3 times (12 Stars remaining). Fasten off.

FINISHING—Sew 17 sts. of front shoulders to 17 sts. of back shoulders. Sew sleeve seams. Sew sleeves in armholes. Work 1 row of S. C. around bottom of sleeve, then work a shell row as fol­lows: *Ch 2, 2 D. C. in next st., skip 2 sts., 1 S. C. in next st. and repeat from * around row. Tie in yarn on bottom of sacque at right underarm, and work 1 row of S. C. to neck, ch 5, *skip 1 st., 1 D. C. in next st., ch 2 and repeat from * around neck and continue in S. C. down left front and around bottom of sacque. Work 1 row of shells around entire sacque as on bottom of sleeves. Run ribbon through neck beading.

BOOTEES—Chain 38. Work 1 S. C. in 2nd ch of hook and 1 S. C. in each remaining ch., (37 S. C. in row). Now work Star st. pattern as on Afghan until there are 10 complete rows of pattern. Fasten off. Attach yarn in 13th st. and work afghan st. on center 13 sts. as fol­lows: Draw up a loop in each of 13 center sts., YO hook, draw through first loop on hook, *YO, draw through 2 loops and repeat from * across row. On next row, draw up a loop through each vertical loop in row below (13 loops on hook). Draw off loops as on first row. Repeat this last row until there are 12 complete rows in all. *Dec. 1 st. each end of row by draw­ing up a loop through 2 vertical bars. Work 1 row even*. Repeat between *'s once. Fasten off. Attach yarn in first st. of last Star st. row, ch 2 and work in Star st. pattern as follows: Work 6 Star sts. to instep piece, 6 Star sts. along side of instep, 4 Star sts. across front of in­step, 6 Star sts. along other side of instep and 6 Star sts. to end of row, ending with 1 D. C. in last st. as usual, (28 Star sts. in row). Work 2 more complete patterns, but on last S. C. row of last pattern, dec. 1 st. at both ends of row and 4 sts. across front of toe. Work 1 row of Star sts., omitting the D. C. at end of row. Turn and work 1 S. C. loosely in each "eye" only, to end of row. Fasten off. Sew bot­tom and back seam of bootee. Work shell around top of bootee in same manner as on sacque. Run ribbon through first Star row at ankle for tie.