Victoriana Afghan Pattern #6008

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Victoriana Afghan Pattern #6008

Approximately 47 x 67 Inches

MATERIALS: Chadwick's Red Heart Afghan Wool, 32 skeins (1 oz. skeins) of Ashes of Roses, and 14 skeins (¾ oz. skeins) of Shaded Blues.
Milward's Casein Crochet Hook No. 4.

Gauge: 9 d c make 2 inches; 3 rows (2 s c-rows and 1 d c-row) make 1 inch.

Starting at one long side (inside border), with Ashes of Roses make a chain 56 inches long (9 ch sts to 2 inches). 1st row: D c in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch 1, turn. 2nd row: Picking up only back loop of each st, make s c in each d c across. Ch 1, turn. 3rd row: Picking up only front loop of each st, make s c in each s c across. Ch 3, turn. 4th row: Picking up back loop, make d c in each s c. Ch 1, turn. 5th row: Picking up front loop, make s c in each d c. Ch 1, turn. 6th row: Picking up back loop make s c in each s c. Ch 3, turn. 7th row: Picking up front loop, make d c in each s c. Ch 1, turn. The last 6 rows (2nd to 7th rows incl.) constitute the pattern. Work in pattern until piece measures 35 inches, ending with a d c-row. Do not break off.

BORDER 1st rnd: Ch 3 and work a rnd of d c closely together all around Afghan, picking up both loops throughout border and making 3 d c in each corner st; sl st in 3rd st of ch-3 first made. Drop Ashes of Roses, attach Shaded Blues to top st of ch-3 first made and work as follows. 2nd rnd: S c in same st, * tr in double strand of bar at base of next d c, leaving the last loop of tr on hook; yarn over, insert hook in same place as tr and pull loop through; (yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook) 3 times—thus making a knob st; skip the d c where knob st was made, s c in next 3 d c. Repeat from * to within 3 d c of corner, s c in next d c, 3 s c in center d c, s c in next d c (5 s c in all). Continue in pattern around Afghan, join. Drop Shaded Blues. 3rd rnd: Pick up Ashes of Roses, ch 3, d c in each st around, making 3 d c in corner st. Join. Drop Ashes of Roses. 4th rnd: Pick up Shaded Blues, ch 3, s c in top st of ch-3 of previous rnd, s c in next d c, * knob st in double strand at base of bar of next d c, skip d c where knob st was made and make s c in next 3 d c (knob sts fall between those of previous rnd). Repeat from * around, increasing at corners as before. Drop Shaded Blues. 5th rnd: Same as 3rd rnd. Repeat the last 4 rnds (2nd to 5th rnds inch) until border measures 6 inches, increasing knob sts at corners whenever necessary. Fasten off.
   Embroider 2 diagonal corners thus: With double strand of Shaded Blues, embroider 2 large leaves, scatter fashion, using outline stitch (see illustration). Embroider a group of 2 small leaves at right above and one of 3 leaves at left below, using straight stitches.