Checkers Rug Pattern #9452

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Checkers Rug Pattern

24 x 36 Inches

MATERIALS: Clark's O.N.T. Cotton Rug Yarn, 9 balls each of Royal Blue and White … Clark's O.N.T. Rug Hook, Size G.

SQUARE … Starting at center, ch 2. 1st rnd: 8 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sl st in first sc. Hereafter pick up only the back loop of each sc. 2nd rnd: 2 sc in first sc, * sc in next sc, 3 sc in next sc. Repeat from * around, ending with sc where first 2 sc were made. Sl st in first sc. 3rd and 4th rnds: 2 sc in first sc, * sc in each sc to center sc of next 3-sc group, 3 sc in center sc. Repeat from * around, ending as before. Join. Break off at end of 4th rnd. Starting at center, attach 2 strands to first free loop of first rnd and make sc in each free loop around. Join and break off (a round ridge made). Make another ridge on top of next 2 rnds.
   Make 39 Royal Blue and 38 White Squares. Make 7 rows of 11 squares, alternating colors and having a Blue Square at each corner. Sew neatly together on wrong side.

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