Smart Bags | Book No. 209 | The Spool Cotton Company

Smart Bags | Book No. 209 | Spool Cotton Company

Smart Bags
Book No. 209
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1944

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Patterns Included: 
Sea Shells Bag, Hold Everything Bag, Four Stripes Bag, Calot News, Suit Companion Bag, Town and Country Bag, Cloche, Dress Up Shoppers Special Bag, Three Bags on the Square, Special Occasion Bag, Special Occasion Hat, Let's Hook Diamonds Bag, Bandeau Hat, Petal Snood, Envelope with Fringe Bag.

The country's going crochet-crazy, and no wonder … it's easy and it looks so made-to-order smart. Here's a book full of hats and bags, "added attractions" to match your suits, pep up your wardrobe. Gay little headliners that are band-box bright … whopping big bags you can initial or dress up with a clip. Be­fore you can say "slip stitch" you'll have hats and bags that will look professional … be admired by all.

And one word about our crochet cottons … please, oh! please use the thread we recommend. We don't like to boast, but we are experts in the field, and every design has been tested. So pretty please, don't go off on your own hook, follow our directions … that's what they're here for!



It's the lining that makes your bag complete, gives it shape, form, a finished look. We have lining instructions down to a simple ABC … so simple, the lining is removable and your bag can be washed. So follow these easy directions, and give your bag that custom-made look … that professional touch!


1—Insert piece (or pieces) of paper pattern into crocheted bag and trim pattern if necessary to correspond in size and shape. It is important that pattern be slightly smaller than corre­sponding crocheted piece.

2—(a) Cut lining material exactly like piece (or pieces) of paper pattern.
(b) Cut buckram (or crinoline, as specified in directions) in exact shape of paper pattern but a generous ¼ inch smaller all around.

3—(a) Place buckram (or crinoline) over lining ma­terial, turn edges about ⅜ inch over buckram all around and pin, so that the lining is taut and buckram cups slightly. Sew edges of lining to buckram with over-and-over stitches, being careful not to have stitches show on right side. The lined side of buckram is the lining of your bag.
(To prevent transparency in a bag made of motifs or of lacy texture … line the other side of buckram, sewing with slip stitches along edges and keeping curve of buckram.)
(b) Assemble the piece (or pieces) of lined buckram by sewing with small over-and-over stitches. Your bag form is now completed.

4—Where a zipper is specified, pin the tape in place to outer side of bag form (thus zipper will come between bag form and crochet). Sew firmly.

5—Insert bag form into crocheted bag and slip stitch along edges.



IMPORTANT … Be sure to buy at one time sufficient material of the same dye lot to complete the article you wish to make, as it is impossible to avoid slight variations in shade in different dye lots.

GAUGE … Before starting your article, make a small sample of the stitch. If your working tension is too tight or too loose, use a finer or coarser hook, to obtain the correct gauge.

LAUNDERING … Launder crocheted piece in warm water, using a good neutral soap or soap flakes. Do not use bleaching solutions! Allow to dry thoroughly.