Heirloom Bedspreads | Lorraine Boilproof Cotton | Volume 49

Heirloom Bedspreads | Lorraine Boilproof Cotton | Volume 49

Heirloom Bedspreads
Volume No. 49
Lorraine Boilproof Cotton
No Original Copyright

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Patterns Included: 

Granny Bedspread, Star Popcorn Bedspread, Sunflower Popcorn Bedspread, Pinwheel Popcorn Bedspread, Swedish Popcorn Bedspread.

Some Helpful Hints

Buy Sufficient Cotton

At the time you make your initial purchase of the cotton for the piece you intend to make, it is important that you buy the complete amount of each color necessary to finish the article, making sure that it is all of one dye lot number as the next lot number of any color may differ slightly in shade from the original lot you purchased and make it impossible to complete your article satisfactorily.

Washing Instructions

Dissolve soap flakes in luke warm water, squeeze the suds through the article. Do not rub. Handle gently. Squeeze out suds between hands, do not wring. Rinse in two lukewarm waters. Do not hang up. Lay on a towel and pull into shape.

Pressing Instructions

Lay article with right-side-down on a well padded ironing board; pin down in shape and press with a wet cloth first, then with a dry cloth until article is dry.