Cookie Basket and Cigarette Basket Pattern #7

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LILY DOUBLE QUICK, Art. 50, In Black: 2 skeins.

No. 3 Steel Crochet Hook. Black covered millinery wire or other stiff wire.

COOKIE BASKET (Size-5 x 10 x 2 ½ inches):

1st MOTIF: Ch 8, join with sl st to form ring.

RND 1: Ch 1, 12 sc in ring, join with sl st in 1st sc.

RND 2: * Ch 4, sl st in same sc, sl st in next 2 sc, ch 4, sl st in same sc with last sl st. Mark this 2d p with a pin . ** Sl st in next sc; repeat from * twice and from * to **. Cut 6 inches long, draw thru lp on hook, pull tight, thread to a needle and fasten off on back.

2d MOTIF: Repeat thru Rnd 1.

RND 2: Ch 2, sl st in marked 2d p on 1st Motif, ch 2, sl st back in same sc on 2d Motif, sl st in next 2 sc, ch 2, sl st in next (1st) p on 1st Motif, ch 2, sl st back in same sc with last sl st on 2d Motif, sl st in next sc; complete as for 1st Motif. Join a 3d Motif to 2 side ps on 2d Motif. Join a 4th Motif to 2 ps each on 3d & 1st Motifs. Make 45 Motifs and join 5 x 9.

EDGE: Attach to 1st free p on one corner Motif, ch 2, sc in next p, ch 4, sc in next p, (ch 2, sc in next p, ch 5, sc in 1st p on next Motif) repeated across to next corner Motif; repeat from * around; join. Cut 2 wires to reach around Basket, plus 1 inch for lap.

RND 2: Ch 1 and working over 2 wires, make sc in same place, work sc around: * 2 sc in each ch-2 sp, 5 sc in each ch-4 and ch-5 sp, * sc in each sc; before completing rnd, lap ends of wire and wrap with gummed tape. Finish rnd and join.

RND 3: Ch 1, sc at base of same sc, working over last rnd, repeat Rnd 2 from * to *; sc at base of each sc; join and fasten off.

LEG: Cut 3 wires 7 inches long, hold tog. and wrap both ends with gummed tape. Cover wire with crochet rope.

CROCHETED ROPE: Ch 2, 7 sc in 2d ch from hook. Cup 7 sc with right side inside and working in back lp only, sc in 1st sc, sc in each sc around and around for ½ inch, push one end of wires into it and continue working around outside of wire until it is covered, always having 7 sc in a rnd at all times. Close with sl sts. Fasten off. Bend into a half circle. Make two.

CIGARETTE BASKET (Size-4 ¼ x 6 x 2 inches): Make and join 20 Motifs 4 x 5. Repeat Edge.

LEGS: Cut 2 wires 5 ½ inches long. Repeat as for Cookie Basket Legs but with only 6 sc in a rnd.

Starch Baskets and Legs.

Pin Baskets right-side-up in true shape. Press flat thru a cloth. When dry, bend ends of Baskets in a quarter circle, pass a Leg thru open sp between 1st 2 Motifs on each side at one end of Basket (next to Edge) and sew securely. Repeat at other end. Measure ends of legs exactly so Baskets stand true and even.

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