Hands Up! Sport Glove Pattern #2240

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Sport Glove Pattern #2240

Medium Size

Materials: Clark's O.N.T. "Brilliant", 1 ball of a light color and 4 balls of a dark color.
Milward's steel crochet hook No. 10.

The back of the hand is worked in two colors, the palm side in one color. They are also worked separately in two flat pieces. Then these two pieces are joined around the sides of hands and fingers.

Left Hand.

Back of Hand: Starting at wrist end, with dark color ch 42 (to measure about 3½ inches), turn. 1st row: Cluster in 4th ch from hook (to make a cluster, * thread over, insert hook in 4th ch and draw out a loop, repeat from * once more (5 loops on hook), then thread over and draw through 4 loops, leaving 2 loops on hook. Then thread over and draw through the 2 loops). ** Ch 1, skip 1 ch, cluster in next ch. Repeat from ** across (20 sps). Drop dark color, attach light color, ch 4, turn. 2nd row: Cluster in ch-1 sp, * ch 1, cluster in next ch-1 sp. Repeat from * across. Drop light color, pick up dark color at opposite end, ch 3. These last 2 rows constitute the pattern. Repeat these 2 rows alternately until piece measures 5½ inches. This brings work to the base of fingers. If a longer glove is desired, add a few more rows.

Forefinger: Work in pattern across 1st 5 sps, turn. Hereafter work as before, back and forth over these 5 clusters until work measures same as your forefinger. Break off.

Middle Finger: Attach thread at base of forefinger in same sp where last cluster was made, and continue across until 5 clusters are made (6 sps), turn. Work as for forefinger until work measures same as your middle finger. Break off.

Ring Finger: Work as for middle finger (5 sps).

Little Finger: Work as for forefinger (4 sps).

Palm Side: (Made vertically—rows running from fingertips to edge of wrist). With dark color, make a chain to measure 8½ inches, turn. (This makes a strip 7 inches long.) D c in 4th ch from hook, * ch 1, skip 1 ch, d c in next ch. Repeat from * across. Ch 4, turn. 2nd row: D c in sp, * ch 1, d c in next sp. Repeat from * across. Ch 4, turn. Hereafter repeat 2nd row until piece measures 1 inch. Break off. This strip forms the underside of thumb and inside of forefinger. Make another similar strip 6½ inches long.

Thumb: Place second strip over the first strip in position so that the foundation chains of both strips touch each other. Place a pin at one end to hold strips together. From the end with the pin, measure off 2½ inches, attach thread and work back over these 2½ inches as follows: * Ch 2, s c in next sp, working s c through the two strips in order to join these two strips to make thumb. Repeat from * along the 2½ inches, then across the end and continue up on other side along the inches. Break off. This completes thumb. Try thumb on left hand having the shorter strip extend toward the wrist to form the inside of hand.

1st row: Attach thread to end of last row of this strip and work in pattern to joining at thumb and across last row of second strip to the base of forefinger (the base of forefinger can be determined by placing this piece of work over the previous piece which has already been completed). Then make a chain to reach 1 inch beyond the tip of middle finger (thus starting middle finger), turn. 2nd row: Work in pattern across chain and over pattern to end of previous row. Ch 4, turn. 3rd row: Work in pattern to end of row. Ch 4, turn. 4th row: Work in pattern to within 2 inches from wrist edge, ch 2, s c in next sp, ch 1, turn. 5th row: Sl st over the next 2 sps, and continue as before to end of row. Ch 4, turn. 6th row: Work in pattern across the previous row and across 4th row to wrist edge. Ch 4, turn. 7th row: Work in pattern to base of next finger (determine this point as before). Make a chain to reach 1 inch beyond the tip of ring finger (thus starting ring finger), turn. 8th row: Same as 4th row. 9th row: Same as 5th row. 10th row: Work in pattern across the previous row and across the 8th row to wrist edge. 11th and 12th rows: Work in pattern across. Ch 4, turn. 13th row: Work in pattern, starting the little finger as other fingers were started. Then work 3 more rows in pattern and break off.

Joining: Lay one piece over the other so that fingers correspond. Attach dark color at wrist edge and join the two pieces with ch 2 and s c (as in thumb) around sides of hand and around fingers to edge of wrist at opposite side. Break off.

Right Hand: Since there is no right or wrong side to this work, make the two pieces exactly as for left hand, but join to correspond with right hand.

Hands Up! Sport Glove Pattern #2240