Purse A'Glitter

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Materials Required:
2 Spools FAIRKNIT Tinsel Brocade
2 Pkgs. FAIRKNIT Pearls
7" Zipper
Steel Crochet Hook # 1

Gauge: 6 sts—1"
Pattern St:
Row 1: *1 sc in first st, 1 dc in next st, repeat from * across row, ch 1, turn.
Row 2: 1 dc in each sc of previous row, and 1 sc in each dc of previous row, ch 1, turn. Repeat row 2 for pattern.

Ch. 18. Work in pattern st until piece measures 5". Dec 1 st at beg of each row until 10 sts remain. Break brocade, fasten off. Make another piece in the same manner. Finishing: holding 2 pieces together, and start­ing at point at top where first decrease was made, work 1 row sc around entire case, working through double thickness on both sides and around bottom, and through single thickness around top opening, rounding 2 bottom corners by skipping 1 st as you turn. Scatter pearls on both sides, and either sew them on, or paste them with DuPont Rubber Cement.

Ch 44. Work in pat st until piece measures 6½". Finishing: fold piece in half, and starting at top left hand corner, crochet sides together by working 1 row sc through double thickness, work 3 sc in corner st, work 1 row sc across bottom, work 3 sc in corner st, and crochet right sides together by working 1 row sc through double thickness. Sew zipper in place at top, and trim with pearls on one side only.

Ch 18. Work in pat st until piece measures 4½". Dec 1 st at beg of each row until 8 sts remain. Break brocade, fasten off. Finishing: fold piece in half, allowing part at which decreases begin for overflap. Crochet sides to­gether as for billfold. Sew snap fastener in place for closing of flap. Scatter pearls as on other pieces.

Make a ch long enough to cover width of compact. Work even in pat until piece, folded in half, covers entire compact. Leaving top open, crochet sides together as on other pieces, and scatter pearls on both sides.

Ch 3, join with a sl st to form a ring. Work 6 sc in ring. Work 2 sc in each sc. Work 12 sc, working through top half of st only. Work in pat on 12 sts until piece measures desired length. Trim with pearls.

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