Doily with Crochet in Three Colors Pattern #418

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Doily with Crochet in Three Colors Pattern #418

Size about 6¾ inches

Materials: Clark's O.N.T. or J. & P. Coats Mercer­ized Crochet, Size 50. 1 ball each of Ecru, 88 Peach, and 20 French Blue. Milward's steel crochet hook No. 11 or 12. Handkerchief linen for center about 4½ inches in diameter.

Turn edge of center material in small hem and make row of s c closely over edge with Ecru.

1st rnd: Ecru. 1 tr in edge, ch 3, and repeat around. There should be about 13 tr to every 2 inches of edge, and the total amount of tr should be a number evenly divisible by 4. Join at end of each rnd. 2nd rnd: Ch 8 (to count as 1st tr and ch 4), 1 tr in each tr, ch 4 between. 3rd rnd: Ch 11 (to count as 1st long tr and ch 5), 1 long tr (thread over 5 times) in each tr, ch 5 between. Fasten off.

4th rnd: French Blue. 1 tr in 1st long tr, ch 5, * tr in next long tr, ch 2, tr in center st of next ch-5, ch 2, repeat from * once. Tr in next long tr, ch 5, and repeat from beginning of rnd. 5th rnd: Ch 9 (to count as 1st tr and ch 5) and work like 4th rnd, picking up tr in tr of preceding rnd. 6th rnd: Ch 10 (to count as 1st tr and ch 6), and work like 5th rnd, but ch 6 instead of ch 5. 7th rnd: Peach. Work like 6th rnd, but ch 10 instead of ch 6.