Santa Claus Ornament Pattern

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Santa Claus Ornament Pattern

Materials Required:

1 skein Red or Scarlet and 10 yds. White for trim will make 2 Santa Clauses.

Steel crochet hook No. 0.

Directions given are for rug yarn. Wool directions are given in brackets.

BODY: Wind Red or Scarlet over 4 inch cardboard 50 (60) times, tie with an 8 inch length of yarn at one end for top of head. Tie securely about 1 inch from top of head for neck. With White, wind around 5 times and tie 1¼ inches from neck for waist. Divide remaining yarn in half for legs and with Red tie each section about ¼ inch from each end, cut and trim for feet.

ARMS: Wind Red or Scarlet over 4 inch cardboard 20 (22) times, with White wind around twice and tie ¼ inch from each end for hands, insert through center of body, cut and trim for hands. With Black, embroider eyes and nose.

WHISKERS: Cut 4 (6) strands of White about 3 inches long, fold in half and fasten at mouth as illustrated. Comb and separate yarn, trim evenly.

CAP: With White ch 12 (15), join in 1st st of ch, ch 1 and work 1 s c in each st of ch, 12 (15) s c, join, cut yarn.

Next Round. Attach Scarlet or Red, ch 1 and work 1 s c in each s c, join. (Work 1 round even.)

Next Round. Ch 1, 1 s c in each s c, decreasing 3 s c evenly spaced, join.

Work 1 round even. Repeat last 2 rounds until 4 (6) s c remain, cut yarn leaving an end long enough to draw 4 (6) s c together.

TASSEL: With White, cut 4 (6) – 1½ inch strands, tie in center, fold in half and tie ⅛ inch from top, attach to top of cap as illustrated. Draw yarn at top of head through center of cap. If desired brush cap with glue and sprinkle with artificial snow.