Angel Ornament Pattern

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Angel Ornament Pattern

Materials Required:
1 – 1 oz. skein White and 2 yds. Yellow for hair will make 2 Angels and

2 skeins Dk. Orange
1 skein each Bright Red, Blue and Black
Steel Crochet Hook No. 5

BODY: Wind White over 4 inch cardboard 76 times, tie with an 8 inch length at one end for top of head. Wind yarn about 8 times around body ¾ inch from top of head for neck and tie securely. With Dk. Orange EMBROIDERY COTTON, wind 8 times about 1 inch from neck for waist. Cut and trim loops at lower edge for skirt.

ARMS: Wind White over 4 inch cardboard 22 times. With Dk. Orange EMBROIDERY COTTON wind 4 times about ¼ inch from each end for hands, insert through center of body, cut and trim each end for hands.

HAIR: Cut 7 – 4 inch strands of Yellow, attach to top of head and tie at each end with Dk. Orange EMBROIDERY COTTON.

HALO: With Dk. Orange EMBROIDERY COTTON, ch 22, 1 s c in 2nd st from hook, 1 s c in each of the next 3 sts of ch, 1 s d c in each of the next 13 sts of ch (s d c: yarn over hook, insert in st, pull through, yarn over and work off all loops at one time), 1 s c in each remaining st of ch. Embroider eyes in Blue. Work eye lashes in Black and mouth in Red. Sew Halo to head. If desired brush dress with glue and sprinkle with tiny sequins.