Afghan Patterns

Modern Leaf Afghan Pattern #5209

Size 46" x 60"

Autumn Glow Afghan Pattern #5208

Size 52" x 75"

Puff Stitch Afghan Pattern #5204

Size 60" x 77"

Victoriana Rose Wreath Afghan Pattern #5202

Size 54" x 68"

Fleur de Lis Afghan Pattern #5201

Size 57" x 70" without Fringe

Wigwam Afghan Pattern #1713

Hiawatha would have been proud to wrap himself in this warm afghan with its geometric design, so loved by the American Indians.

52 x 72

Old Versailles Afghan Pattern #1712

All the dignity and delicate beauty of Eighteenth Century France is shown in this lovely Grey and Rose afghan.

53 x 64

Sea Shell Afghan Pattern #1710

The dainty Sea Shell stitch made into a stunning design in several shades of one color.

50 x 70

Mexicana Afghan Pattern #1709

Lady, snap your castanets. Here’s an afghan with the fervor of old Mexico. Strong colors and rick rack design make this a delight to work.

Harlequin Afghan Pattern #1707

As simple as a Pierrot – and as smart. Scramble your own color scheme. It’s fun!

60 x 78

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