Crocheted Cap Pattern #2014

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Crocheted Cap Pattern #2014

6 Months to 1 Year

1 Large Ball Size 20 (400-yd.) or 30 (500-yd.).
Steel Crochet Hook No. 11 or 12.

Make a ch about 18 inches long, d c in 4th st from hook, * ch 1, skip 1 ch, d c in next ch, repeat from * until work measures 14½ inches, cut off remainder of ch, ch 4, turn and work 4 more rows of 1 ch meshes.
6th Row–D c in same space with ch 4, skip 1 d c, s c in next d c, * ch 4, 2 d c in same space with s c, skip 1 d c, s c in next d c, repeat from * across row, ch 4, turn.
7th Row–2 d c in s c, * s c in next 4 ch loop, 2 d c in same space, repeat from * across row and repeat 7th row until work measures 5 inches, break thread.
Attach thread in 1st mesh and start narrow ruffle, ch 4, d c in mesh, ch 2, d c in same mesh, ch 2, work 2 d c with ch 2 between in each mesh.
2nd Row–S c into 1st mesh, * ch 3, 2 d c with ch 3 between in next mesh, ch 3, s c in next mesh, repeat from * across row.
Skip 1 mesh and work 2nd ruffle over ch of next mesh.
1st Row–Ch 4, tr c in mesh, ch 2 and work 2 tr c with ch 2 between in each mesh, ch 6, turn.
2nd Row–1 d c with ch 2 between in each mesh.
3rd Row–Same as 2nd row of narrow ruffle.
Work a third ruffle over last ch 1 of open meshes.
Repeat 1st row of 2nd ruffle and repeat 2nd row of last ruffle twice then repeat 2nd row of 1st ruffle.
Fold cap and sew together at back for about ½ inch.
Lace narrow ribbon through the 2nd row of shells around open section of cap and draw together to fit. Finish with ribbon rosettes as illustrated.