New Ideas in Crochet: Table Topics | Book No. 123 | The Spool Cotton Company

New Ideas in Crochet: Table Topics | Book No. 123 | The Spool Cotton Company

New Ideas in Crochet: Table Topics
Book No. 123
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1938

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Patterns Included: 
Will o' the Wisp Tablecloth, Shadow and Substance Luncheon Set, Five o'Clock Tablecloth, Lucky Star Tablecloth, Tray for Three Placemat, Floral Classic Tablecloth, American Beauty Tablecloth, Modern Rustic Luncheon Set, Mexican Border Edging, Star Wheel Tablecloth, Spinning Wheel Tablecloth, Figures-in-Filet Tablecloth, Summer Surf Luncheon Set, Round Table Tablecloth, Lucky Wheels Luncheon Set, Ever After Tablecloth, Lazybones Placemat, Sheer Circles Luncheon Set.

New Ideas in Crochet

FASHIONS for your home follow as important a changing course as the fashions you wear. And so, in crocheting pieces that you will proudly use to decorate your home, you most naturally will want to devote your effort to designs that are smartly suitable in the home of today. This past year has brought a great revival of interest in lace cloths for the table. Leading decorating magazines suggest lace as background for the most important china, glass and silver.

With this trend in mind, we have designed the pieces that you see in this book to suit all of the many occasions when you want your tableware to look its loveliest. Small tray cloths to add a cheerful note to the breakfast tray, or lend a gracious background to the after-dinner coffee tray. Luncheon sets that range from sturdy brightly-colored types, to go with your informal china, to sheer cobwebby affairs that will provide a luxurious setting for a luncheon table.

To grace the tea-table, crochet combines with linen for a good-looking modern effect. A deep-toned border enlivens a bridge cloth. The Sunday night buffet supper shines brightly against lace, deftly crocheted. And the bride beams with doubled happiness across a bridal luncheon table set upon a handsome cloth decorated with crochet.

No matter the occasion, no matter whether the china is peasant pottery or finest Wedgwood, there is a crocheted cloth to complete the setting, and to bring you a pleased feeling of satisfaction because your own lovely handwork gives the setting its true distinction.