Dolls of Many Nations | Volume 403 | DMC Corporation

Dolls of Many Nations | DMC Volume 403

Dolls of Many Nations
Volume 403
The DMC Corporation
Original Copyright 1952

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Patterns Included: 
Miss U.S.A. Doll, Miss Spain Doll, Miss Hawaii Doll, Irish Colleen Doll, Miss Italy Doll, Miss Latin America Doll, Miss Holland Doll, English Lavender Doll, Miss Sweden Doll, Miss China Doll, Miss France Doll.

Making these dolls in the romantic costumes of many nations is a fascinating pastime that you will enjoy tremendously. They make charming, unusual gifts for little girls as well as grown-ups. And for yourself, you'll want to start a doll collection - a hobby in which so many are finding fun and pleasure.

How to Dress Doll

Steam crocheted pieces lightly. Petticoat-Sew ends of 4-inch ribbon together and run a shirring drawstring ¼-inch from one edge; put on Doll and pull drawstring to fit waist then tie a knot securely. Trim bottom edge with lace if desired. Put crocheted dress on Doll and sew up back.