Afghans and Matching Pillows | Book No. 505 | Coats & Clark's O.N.T.

Afghans and Matching Pillows | Book No. 505 | Coats & Clark's O.N.T.

Afghans and Matching Pillows
Coats & Clark's O.N.T.
Book No. 505
Original Copyright 1954

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Patterns Included: 
Lagoon Afghan, Pineapple Afghan, Satin Stripe Afghan, Blue Diamond Afghan, Candy Cane Afghan, Checkmate Afghan, Chevron Afghan, Honeycomb Afghan, Jacob's Ladder Afghan, Lazy Daisy Afghan, Lollipop Afghan, Maltese Cross Afghan, Mardi Gras Afghan, Navajo Afghan, Patchwork Afghan, Peacock Afghan, Pennsylvania Dutch Afghan, Polka Dot Afghan, Shaded Stripes Afghan.


In this book, we set out to prove that afghans, those favorite institutions of the American family, do not have to be kept in a closet because they do not fit into our modern rooms. Frankly, we were tired of frantically rummaging around on the first frosty fall evening and decided that afghans ought to be display pieces, kept proudly to the fore at all times. We considered the pre­vailing fashions in decoration, then created designs to complement them. We are proud of our afghans and are sure you will agree that they are truly Designed for Contemporary Decors.

Basic Information

for best results at all times

BUYING: When buying yarn it is advisable to buy at one time all you will need for any article, to avoid variations in dye lots. (Most needlework stores will gladly set aside for you, if you do not wish to purchase a large amount at one time).

GAUGE: This is the most important part of knitting directions. If your gauge does not correspond to the gauge specified, your completed item will not be the correct size. Before you begin work, make a small swatch (about 2 inches square) in the pattern stitch you will use and measure with a ruler the number of stitches to 1 inch. If you have less stitches to the inch than required, use a smaller needle; if you have more stitches to the inch, use a larger needle. Do not start work until your gauge is correct.

JOINING: If possible, join your yarn at the beginning of a row; if not, leave a 6-inch length of the old skein and, leaving 6 inches of new yarn free, hold lengths together and knit 3 stitches with double yarn. When work is completed, weave ends in on wrong side.

LAUNDERING WOOLENS: Make a solution of lukewarm (not hot) water and good quality soap flakes, not to much soap. Place the article into this solution and squeeze the suds through it until thoroughly cleansed. Rinse very thoroughly in several warm (not hot) waters until the soap is completely removed. Squeeze out the excess water. Do not wring. Place in a clean bath towel and roll tightly until some of the moisture is absorbed. Do not hang the article, but lay it flat on the towel to dry. Block to measurements.

If desired, afghans may be dry cleaned.

STORING WOOLENS: Launder or dry clean the article. Fold it, having tissue paper between folds, and wrap tissue paper and newspaper around outside. Place in box and distribute moth balls or flakes.

Knitting Patterns: 
Craft Patterns: