Family Favorites in Hand Knits | Book No. 123 | Coats & Clark's

Family Favorites in Hand Knits | Coats & Clark's Book No. 123

Family Favorites in Hand Knits
Book No. 123
Coats & Clark's
Original Copyright 1961

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Patterns Included: 

Petal Yoke Cardigan, Country Weekend Sweater, Junior League Jacket Sweater, Time for Tea Cardigan, Chairman of the Board Cardigan, School Recess Raglan Cardigan, Greenwich Village Blouse Sweater, Mountain Cabin V-Neck Sweater, Student Leader Boat Neck Sweater, Watch the Birdie Jacket Sweater


K knit
P purl
beg beginning
incl inclusive
st(s) stitch(es)
O yarn over
rnd round
sl slip
inc increase
dec decrease
p.s.s.o. pass slipped stitch over knit stitch
ch chain
tog together
sc single crochet

* Repeat the instructions following the * as many times as stated.
Repeat instructions in parentheses as many times as stated. For example: "(K 1, O, p 3) 4 times" means to make whatever is in parentheses 4 times in all.

LAUNDERING Dissolve mild soap flakes in lukewarm water. Place garment in soapy water and squeeze very gently. Rinse several times in clear cool water without raising garment from water. Remove from water supporting garment with both hands. Place on turkish towel to dry, patting into original shape. Allow to dry on towel.

Crochet Patterns: 
watch the birdie jacket sweater