Sectional Tufted Rug Patterns #5103

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28-100 yd. Skeins Cream.
34-100 yd. Skeins Med. Blue and
6-75 yd. Spools "AUNT LYDIA'S" Carpet and Button Thread, Article 1, White.
Steel Crochet Hook No. 00.
Rug measures about 34 x 72 inches.

For a larger rug use "STAR" Rug Yarn, Article 44.
35-80 yd. Skeins Cream.
42-80 yd. Skeins Medium Blue.

With Cream, ch 100, work 1 s c in 2nd st from hook, 1 s c in each remaining st of ch, * ch 1, turn and work 1 s c in each s c, repeat from * until work measures about 30 inches (148 rows) then work a row of s c all around, having 3 s c in each corner, 148 s c on each long side, 98 s c on each short side, break yarn. Work 2 more sections in same manner. Sew the 3 sections together on long side making 1 long rug.
Tufting. With Med. Blue, cut 2 inch strands, take 40 strands for each tuft and using "Aunt Lydia's" Carpet and Button Thread, sew to outside edge of rug placing the tufts about 1 inch apart.
Sew a second row of tufts about 1 inch above 1st row plac­ing the tufts between tufts of 1st row. Sew 1 row of tufts on each side of seam. Mark off a dia­mond shape in center of each section and work 1 tuft in 1st row, 2 tufts in 2nd row and continue until you reach the center of piece, increasing 1 tuft in each row, then work other half to correspond. Work other 2 diamonds in same manner.

Other great patterns from Rugs, Book No. 51.

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