Coral Reef Motif Pattern #S-902

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Coral Reef Motif Pattern

J. & P. COATS BIG BALL BEST SIX CORD MERCERIZED CROCHET, Art. A.104, Size 30: 3 balls of White, or
CLARK'S BIG BALL MERCERIZED CROCHET, Art. B.34, Size 30: 2 balls of White.
Milwards Steel Crochet Hook No. 10.
1¾ yards of coral linen, 36 inches wide.

Place Mat measures 12 x 18 inches.

PLACE MAT (Make 4)Strip … Starting at narrow end, ch 53 to measure 3¼ inches. 1st row: Tr in 13th ch from hook, * ch 5, skip 4 ch, tr in next ch. Repeat from * across (9 sps). Ch 6, turn. 2nd row: Holding back on hook the last loop of each tr make tr in next tr, 7 tr in next sp, tr in next tr, thread over and draw through all loops on hook (cluster made), * ch 5, make a cluster as before making first tr in same place as last tr. Repeat from * across, ending with tr in 4th ch of turning chain (9 clusters). Ch 9, turn. 3rd row: Tr in loop between next 2 tr, * ch 5, tr in next loop. Repeat from * across (9 sps). Ch 6, turn. Repeat 2nd and 3rd rows alternately for length desired, ending with 3rd row. Break off. Cut a piece of linen 12½ x 18½ inches. Make a rolled hem around all edges. Place Strip on right hand side over the linen and sew in place.

APRON … Cut a piece of linen 15 x 36 inches. Make a rolled hem around 3 outer edges. Gather the top edge in to measure 14 inches. Make 2 Strips long enough to place over each side and sew in place. With remaining material make waistband and ties and sew in place. Make two 3-inch squares and sew in place over each end of ties.

Coral Reef Motif Pattern chart