Dashaway Dress Pattern #1007

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Dashaway Dress Pattern #1007

Size 34

Materials: J. & P. Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen, 6 balls of a light color and 17 balls of a dark color. Milward's steel crochet hook No. 7. 13 small buttons and 4 hooks and eyes. 30 inch length of belting.

Gauge: 9 sts make 1 inch; 7 rows make 1 inch.


Section of blouse with vertical stripes is worked up and down, remainder is worked crosswise.

Back. Starting at underarm, with light color ch 22 (to measure about 2½ inches), turn. 1st row: S c in 4th ch from hook, * d c in next ch, s c in next ch. Repeat from * across, ending row with s c. Ch 3, turn. 2nd row: * S c in next d c, d c in next s c. Repeat from * across, ending row with d c (a light stripe is made). This constitutes the pattern. Drop light color. Attach dark color and hereafter repeat 2nd row, changing colors after every 2 rows, but when 2 stripes are made, start shaping for armhole as follows: Increase 4 sts at beginning of next row and at beginning of 1st row of every new stripe until 12 sts in all are increased (to increase 4 sts, make an additional ch 6, turn and work 4 sts on this chain) keeping opposite edge straight. Complete this last stripe (5 stripes made). On next row at armhole edge ch 51 (to measure about 5½ inches for the straight portion of armhole), turn. Next row: Work in pattern across length of ch, continuing over previous pattern row. To shape shoulder, work back and forth, increasing 1 st on every 3rd row at armhole edge only, until shoulder (distance for armhole to neck edge) measures 4 inches, completing last stripe. Hereafter work straight (to start neck edge) until work measures 4½ inches from center of ch-51 (armhole edge). On next row, at opposite edge of previous increases and decreases, ch 50 ( to measure about 5½ inches), turn. Work in pattern across length of chain, continuing over previous pattern row. Then work back and forth, keeping both edges straight for 2¼ inches (this is half of back). Continue for other half to correspond, decreasing where sts were increased. Break off.

Front. Starting with dark color, work as for back until shoulder measures 4 inches as for back except start armhole shaping after the 3rd stripe. Then, to shape neck, decrease 9 sts at neck edge once, 3 sts twice, and 1 st every row thereafter, until 27 sts have been decreased at neck edge, but at the same time, when work measures 5 inches from center of ch-51 start extension piece at bottom edge to correspond with center back. Then, keep both edges straight until work measures 7 inches from armhole edge. This is half of front. Continue for other half to correspond, leaving a 3½ inch front opening at neck (to make an opening work to within 3½ inches from neck edge, then ch 35, to measure about 4 inches, turn and work in pattern as before). Break off. Sew up side and shoulder seams.

Side Pieces: (Worked crosswise). With dark color, make a chain to measure 1 inch longer than opening at underarm (this is the space between the front and back extension). Work in pattern as before, decreasing 1 st at both ends of every dark colored stripe until 9 sts have been decreased at each side. Then work straight until piece is as long as extension piece. Break off. Sew in place having foundation chain at top and leaving a 2½ inch opening at waist on both left and right of center front. Make another piece same as this and sew in same way. Work a row of s c around neck opening and make 5 ch-6 loops on right side of opening at equal distances apart.

Sleeves. Starting at underarm of sleeve with dark color ch 42, turn and work in pattern as for back for 2 stripes. Then increase 2 sts every row at one edge only, for 16 rows. Hereafter, increase 1 st at same edge each row until curve of sleeve measures 1¼ inches less than half the size of armhole. Work straight without increasing for 2½ inches. Now, work balance of sleeve, making decreases where increases were previously made. Break off.

Waist Band. With light color make a chain to measure about 3 inches, turn. 1st row: S c in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch 1, turn. 2nd row: S c in each s c, picking up the back loop only of each sc. Ch 1, turn. Repeat 2nd row until piece, when slightly stretched, measures same as width of front extension. Make 4 ch-6 button loops at both ends of piece. Make another piece so when slightly stretched (together with the previous piece) will measure same as your waist measurement (about 28 inches). Sew bands to blouse easing in extra fullness of blouse at sides.

Sleeve Bands: Work as for waist band, starting with a chain 2 inches long. Work until band measures 10 inches when slightly stretched. Break off. Sew to sleeve, easing in extra fullness of sleeve.

Collar. Work as for waistband, starting with a 3 inch chain. Work 3 sts at one end only in sl st (thus curving neck edge) until sl st edge is long enough to go around neck edge of blouse. Break off. Sew collar to neck edge. Sew on button to correspond with buttonloops.


Work entire skirt in dark color and crosswise.

Back. Starting at bottom, ch 206 (to measure about 24 inches), turn. Work straight in pattern as for back of blouse for 5 inches. Then decrease 1 st at both ends of next row and every inch thereafter for 17 times (18 sts decreased at each side), then every ½ inch for 20 times. Hereafter, work straight until skirt measures 31 inches. Break off.

Front. Starting at bottom, ch 215 (to measure about 25 inches), turn and work as for back, shaping sides in same way. Front will be 1 inch wider than back throughout. Sew up side seams, leaving a 4 inch opening at waist on left side. Sew in belting and fasten side with hooks and eyes.

Dashaway Dress Pattern #1007 swatch