Tuxedo Dress Pattern #153

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Tuxedo Dress Pattern #153

Size 34-36

Materials: J. & P. Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen, 18 balls of color 116 Blossom Pink and 2 balls of color 101 Tobacco Brown; or Clark's O.N.T. Cronita, 22 balls of Pink and 3 balls of Brown. Milward's steel crochet hooks No. 3 and No. 7.

Gauge: 5 meshes equal 1 inch; 5 rows equal 1 inch.

For different size or shaping, turn to directions on patternbook page.


The blouse is worked up and down instead of crosswise.

Back: With No. 3 hook, using Pink, ch 130, turn. 1st row: S c in 2nd ch from hook, * ch 1, skip 1 ch, s c in next, and repeat from * to end of ch, ending with s c in last ch. Ch 1, turn. This row should measure about 16 inches without stretching. 2nd row: S c in next s c, taking up the back loop of the s c of previous row, * ch 1, skip ch-1 of previous row, s c in the back loop of next s c, and repeat from * always making s c's in the back loop of st, thus forming the ridges. Ch 1, turn. Repeat the 2nd row throughout. Make 3 more ridges even. At end of last row, ch 2, turn. To shape armhole, make 1 s c in 2nd ch, ch 1, 1 s c in edge st of previous row (an increase) and follow design. All increases are made in this manner. Increase in this way 4 more times at beginning of rows at armhole end, keeping other end straight. At armhole end, ch 40 (about 5½ inches), turn. Ch 1 and continue in pattern on this ch to end of row. Turn. Ch 1, and work in pattern to end of row, which brings you back to the shoulder again. Turn. Ch 2, make 1 s c in 2nd ch, ch 1, 1 s c in edge st of previous row. Increase in this manner at shoulder edge every 3rd row, till there are 15 ridges or 4½ inches.

To shape the Back: At neck, decrease 1 st by skipping the 1st s c of previous row and continuing to bottom of back. All decreases are made in this way. Make 3 decreases at neck, always at start of the row. From this point, work even in pattern till there are 25 ridges between shoulders. This is center back. Shape the back at neck like other side by increasing the 3 sts instead of decreasing. Make 2nd shoulder to correspond with the first one by decreasing instead of increasing.

To shape other Armhole: Ch 1, turn (at bottom) and work back to the point where the other side was shaped with the 5 increases, and after measuring carefully, shape to correspond by decreasing instead of increasing the 5 sts. After last decrease, make 5 ridges even, thus completing the back.

Left Front: Make the same as the back, including the full width of the shoulder. Coming back to the neck, after the last increase at shoulder, work to within 5½ inches from shoulder, ch 25 (for the neck opening), turn, and work back down this ch in design evenly for 9 rows. Right Front: Make to correspond, omitting the opening.

Vest: Ch 60 (or about 7 inches). Work in design for 12 inches, and press to measure 13 inches.

Sleeves: Starting at seam, ch 80. 1st row: Work in design. This row should measure about 9½ inches. At end of this row start shaping top as follows: Increase as before for top. At cuff end, ch 5, turn, 1 s c in 1st ch, ch 1, skip 1 ch, 1 s c in next ch, ch 1, 1 s c in end st of last row. Work back and forth increasing at top of sleeve, and on the ch 5 at cuff end for about 13 increases at cuff end. When there are 12 ridges at widest part, ch 40, thus forming the cuff. Make 5 more increases at top of sleeve and work evenly to end of sleeve. Work evenly from this point for 14 ridges for the center of sleeve. Start decreasing at top of sleeve as previously explained. When you have decreased 5 times at top, work back to within 40 sts from cuff (cuff should now measure 6 inches across). Decrease at the seam by slip stitching the first 5 sts when working back to the top. Continue decreasing at top and cuff end until there are 13 decreases. Top should measure 16 inches when finished, to match other side. Make other sleeve to match.

Sew up shoulder, side and sleeve seams, and sew sleeves in blouse. Lap the center front ½ inch over the edge of the vest with the ridges of vest crosswise. Sew firmly from right side through to vest between the first two ridges. Work a row of s c around all edges, neck and opening. Make 2 loops in neck opening and sew buttons on other side to correspond.

Scarf: With Brown and No. 7 hook, ch about 7 inches. 1st row: 1 d c in 7th ch from hook, ch 2, 1 d c in same st, * skip 2 ch, d c in next st, ch 2, 1 d c in same st. Repeat from * ending row with skip 2, d c in next st. Ch 5, turn. 2nd row: * D c under next ch-2 of previous row, ch 2, d c in same sp, repeat from * ending row with 1 d c in 3rd st of ch-5 at end of row. Ch 5, turn. Repeat 2nd row for 40 inches. After last row, turn. Edge: 1st row: * Ch 8, skip 3 designs, s c between next 2 d c so that the ch-8 will lie flat. Repeat from * across. 8 loops across row. Ch 3, turn. 2nd row: Make 10 d c under each ch-8 and 1 s c in each s c. Turn. 3rd row: * Ch 8, s c in s c between d c groups of previous row. Repeat from * across. Ch 3, turn. Repeat last 2 rows till there are 3 rows of designs. Break off. Make other end to correspond.

Belt: Using crochet hook No. 3 and Brown, ch 18. 1st row: 16 d c over this ch. Ch 1, turn. 2nd row: S c in each d c. Ch 3, turn. Alternate 1st and 2nd rows till belt measures about 52 inches.


The skirt is made in 2 pieces with seams at the sides, and is worked up and down. Ch 186. 1st row: S c in 2nd ch from hook. * Ch 1, skip ch-1, s c in next ch. Repeat from * along foundation ch. Ch 1, turn. 2nd row: S c in back loop of 1st s c of row below. * Ch 1, s c in back loop of next s c, and repeat from * across. Ch 9, turn. 3rd row: S c in 2nd ch from hook. * Ch 1, skip ch-1, s c in next ch, and repeat from * twice. ** Ch 1, s c in back loop of next st and repeat from ** across.

Alternate 2nd and 3rd rows until work measures 1½ inches more than the finished skirt is to be. This extra amount is allowed for what is taken up in the "stretchiness" that develops as the work proceeds. Continue front, keeping upper and lower edges straight until the piece, when laid perfectly flat with no stretching, measures half of the hip measure (taken 4 inches down from the top). Then decrease in the same way that the increases were made at other edge. That is, sl st back 4 meshes (4 s c and ch 4) for each of the ch-9 groups. Break off and make another piece the same.

When both pieces have been finished, sew them together, leaving 7 inches open at the top of one of the seams for the placket. Attach thread to lower edge of skirt and work a row of d c (being careful not to draw work in). Join with sl st, ch 3, and work a row of d c, working in back loop only, to get ridged effect. Make 8 more rows and fasten off. Attach thread to the bottom of the front edge of the placket and work a close row of s c up to the top. Then attach thread to the top of the back edge and work down with a close row of d c. Ch 3, turn, and work back with another row of d c. Draw in the top of the skirt until it equals the waist measure and make a row of sl sts to keep it firm. Then into these sl sts, make a row of d c.

To make the belt match the band at the bottom of the skirt, begin each of the 6 rows of d c at the same end of the belt, and work in the back loops of the sts in the row below. Finish the belt with a row of sl sts.

Tuxedo Dress Pattern #153 swatch