Tally Ho Afghan Pattern #6140

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Tally Ho Afghan Pattern

Approximately 46 x 66 Inches

MATERIALS: Chadwick's Red Heart Knitting Worsted, 30 balls (1 oz. balls) each of Pearl Grey and Wine Rose … Clark's O.N.T. Plastic Crochet Hook No.

GAUGE: Each block measures 4 inches square.

BLOCK … Starting at center with Grey, ch 6. Join with sl st to form ring. 1st rnd: Ch 3, 2 dc in ring, (ch 1, 3 dc in ring) 3 times; ch 1, insert hook in 3rd ch of ch-3, drop Grey, attach Wine and make a sl st. 2nd rnd: With Wine make sc in same place as sl st, sc in next 2 dc, (5 sc in next sp—corner—sc in next 3 dc) 3 times; 5 sc in last sp. Join and break off. 3rd rnd: Attach Grey, ch 3, * dc in each sc to center sc of corner, leaving the last 2 loops of last dc on hook, drop Grey, attach Wine and draw through 2 loops on hook, 5 Wine dc in corner sc, leaving last 2 loops of last dc on hook, change to Grey. Repeat from * around, ending with 2 Grey dc. Join. 4th rnd: Ch 3, * dc in each Grey dc, change to Wine as before and make dc in next 3 dc, change to Grey and make 3 dc in same place as last dc, change to Wine and make another dc in same place as last dc, dc in next 2 dc, change to Grey. Repeat from * around. Join and break off.
   Make 11 rows of 16 Blocks and sew them neatly together on wrong side.

BORDER 1st rnd: Attach Wine to one corner, * 3 sc in corner, sc in each dc to next corner. Repeat from * around. Join. 2nd to 5th rnds incl: Sc in each sc, making 3 sc in center sc of each corner and work­ing 4th rnd with Grey. Join. Break off at end of 5th rnd.