Crochet Bedspread Pattern #6124

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Crochet Bedspread Pattern #6124

MATERIALS: J. & P. COATS "KNIT-CRO-SHEEN" or BEDSPREAD COTTON: Single Size Spread—70 x 108 inches (including fringe)—62 balls of White or Ecru, or 93 balls of any color, Double Size Spread—90 x 108 inches (including fringe)—78 balls of White or Ecru, or 117 balls of any color … Steel Crochet Hook No. 7.

GAUGE: Motif measures 3¼ x 3½ inches.

FIRST MOTIF—First Half … Ch 10. Join with, sl st. 1st row: Ch 3, 16 dc in ring. Ch 5, turn. 2nd row: Skip first 2 dc, dc in next dc, (ch 2, skip 1 dc, dc in next st) 7 times. Ch 3, turn. 3rd row: 5 dc in next sp, drop loop from hook, insert hook in 1st dc and draw dropped loop through (pc st made); (ch 3, pc st in next sp) 7 times. Ch 5, turn. 4th row: * Dc in next sp, ch 2, dc in tip of next pc st, ch 2. Repeat from * across, ending with dc in tip of last pc st. Ch 3, turn. 5th row: Pc st in next sp, (ch 2, pc st in next sp) 13 times. Break off. This completes First Half of motif.
Second Half: Attach thread in ch-10 ring, ch 3 and work other half to correspond.

SECOND MOTIF—Work as for First Motif to within last row of Second Half. Ch 3, turn. Last row: Pc st in next sp, (ch 2, pc st in next sp) 5 times; (ch 1, sl st in corresponding sp of First Motif, ch 1, pc st in next sp on Second Motif) 3 times; complete row as for First Motif (no more joinings).
   For Single Size Spread make 31 strips of 21 Motifs. For Double Size Spread make 31 strips of 27 Motifs, joining motifs as before. Sew strips neatly together at ends of last row of each half of motif.

LARGE FILL-IN-MOTIF … Ch 10. Join. 1st rnd: Ch 3, (pc st in ring, ch 3) 8 times. Sl st in tip of 1st pc st. 2nd rnd: Sl st in sp, ch 3, in same sp make pc st, ch 2 and pc st; * ch 3, in next sp make pc st, ch 2 and pc st. Repeat from * around, ending with ch 2. Join and break off.
   Pin the Fill-in-Motif between the joinings of 4 motifs and sew in place. Fill in all other corresponding spaces in the same way.

SMALL FILL-IN-MOTIF … Ch 10. Join with sl st. Ch 3 and make 29 dc in ring. Join and break off. Pin this motif into a space and sew in place. Complete other spaces to correspond. Finish edges by sewing a Small Fill-in-Motif between halves of motifs.

Crochet Bedspread Pattern #6124