Classic Shrug Pattern

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Classic Shrug Pattern

This shrug can be made with any of the following:

6 ozs. Amber or Buttercup or color desired.
Afghan hook Size F.
1 pr. plastic knitting needles No. 2.

GAUGE: 5 sts = 1 inch.

Starting at sleeve ch 80 to measure about 16½ inches, draw up a ¼ inch loop in 2nd st from hook, draw up ¼ inch loop in each remaining st of ch (80 loops on hook), attach another ball of yarn and working with double strand of yarn work back by drawing yarn through 1st loop, * yarn over and draw through 2 loops, repeat from * across row.
2nd Row. Draw up a loop on hook to measure ¾ inch, draw a ¾ inch loop in each st across row picking up back loop of sts, drop 1 strand, working back with single strand of yarn, yarn over and pull through next double loop, ch 1 tightly to fasten, * ch 3 and draw through next 3 double loops, ch 1 tightly to fasten (cluster), repeat from * across row ending with ch 3, draw through last double loop, ch 1 to fasten.
3rd Row. Draw up ¼ inch loop on hook, * draw up ¼ inch loop in each of the 3 double loops of next cluster working in back loop of sts only, repeat from * across row ending with drawing up ¼ inch loop in last double st, pick up dropped strand and work back same as on 1st row.
Repeat 2nd and 3rd rows until work measures 40 inches or length desired ending with completed 3rd row.
Using a single strand of yarn work a sl st in back loop of each st across row, cut yarn.

CUFF: With right side toward you pick up and K 68 sts across lower edge of sleeve. Work in ribbing of K 1, P 1 for 4 inches, bind off in ribbing. Work other cuff in same manner.
Fold in half and sew ribbing and 10 inches above rib­bing together to form sleeves.

Classic Shrug Pattern swatch