Gold Coast Shawl Pattern

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5 ozs. Pink or color desired.
1—4 inch Hairpin Staple.
Plastic crochet hook No. 2.

HAIRPIN LACE: Make a loop at end of yarn and place 1 prong of staple in loop just made, insert hook in loop, wind yarn around right prong of hairpin staple, yarn over hook and draw through loop keeping work at center, * drop loop from hook, turn staple ½ turn to the left, pick up the dropped loop at center, yarn over hook and pull through loop, insert hook through top part of loop on left hand prong, yarn over and pull through (2 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through both loops completing the single crochet, repeat from * for length desired. Work a length of hairpin lace having 352 loops on each side of staple, cut yarn.
Work 4 more strips in same manner. Join yarn in 2 loops of first length and work 1 s c in same space, * ch 1, 1 s c over 2 corresponding loops of second length, ch 1, 1 s c over next 2 loops of first length, repeat from * across length, cut yarn. Join 3rd strip to 2nd strip and 4th strip to 3rd strip and 5th strip to 4th strip in same manner.
EDGE: Working across side edge of stole, join yarn in 2 end loops of stole, 1 s c in same space, * ch 4, slip st in 3rd st from hook for picot, ch 1, 1 s c over next 2 loops, repeat from * across side, cut yarn. Work opposite side in same manner.
TASSELS: Wind yarn 20 times over a 3 inch cardboard, cut one end, tie in center, then tie about ½ inch down from top. Work 17 more tassels in same manner and attach to short ends of scarf as illustrated.

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