Happy the Clown Rug Pattern

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Happy the Clown Rug Pattern


20 Inches x 30 Inches Without Fringe

Materials Required:
9 skeins Med. Blue.
1 skein each Black, Red and Lt. Yellow.
Aluminum crochet hook size H.

With Blue ch 61, s c in 2nd st from hook, 1 s c in each remaining st of ch, ch 1, turn.

2nd Row: 1 s c in each s c, ch 1, turn.
Repeat 2nd row 94 times, cut yarn.

FRINGE: Wind yarn over a 7 inch cardboard, cut one end. Using 2 strands, double in half and loop through every other st across short sides and every other row across long sides.

Next Row: * Take 2 strands of one group of fringe and 2 strands of next group of fringe, knot together ½ inch from preceding row of knots, repeat from * all around.
Repeat last row once.
Embroider rug in cross sts according to chart.
If desired pompons can be used instead of cross sts for buttons and shoes.

POMPONS: Wind Red over a 1¾ inch cardboard 25 times, tie one end, remove from cardboard and cut opposite end. Work 2 more Red and 3 Yellow pom­pons in same manner. Sew Red pompons on front of suit as illustrated for buttons. Sew a Yellow pompon on each shoe and one at tip of feather on hat.

Happy the Clown Rug Pattern chart