Gift Knitted and Crocheted | Book #48 | American Thread Company

Gift Knitted and Crocheted | Star Book No. 48 | American Thread Company

Gifts Knitted and Crocheted
Book 48
American Thread Company
Copyright 1946

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Patterns Included: 
Tatted Charm Edging, Dandy Dickey, Lacy Accent Edging, Crocheted Hood and Mitts, Chicken Potholder, Fish Potholder, Pinafore Dish Cloth, Gay Dish Cloth, Sally Spool Doll, Mending Compact, Mesh Linen Band, Two Tone Shorties, Embroidered Apron, Pussy Purse, Knitted Bed Jacket, Knitted Bed Jacket, Striped on White Sweater, Knitted Stocking Cap and Mittens, Design for Snow Sweater, After Ski Slippers, Knitted Mittens, Knitted Face Cloths.

A Gift is an expression of YOU. And what better way is there to express yourself than through hand-made items? Here is a collection of gifts that are suitable for every one on your Birthday, Christmas, and Just-Because-I-Like-You List. Mother and the new baby will be thrilled with their matching bed jackets, and that favorite daughter or niece will look lovely in the party-going hood and mittens set.

So take your needle in hand and make these Gifts Galore!

Tatting Patterns: