Bedspreads | Book No. 136 | The Spool Cotton Company

Bedspreads | Book No. 136 | The Spool Cotton Company

The Spool Cotton Company
Book No. 136
Original Copyright 1939

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Patterns Included: 
Fair and Square Bedspread, Past and Present Bedspread, Popcorn Pinwheel Bedspread, Golden Wedding Bedspread, Maker of Dreams Bedspread, Heritage Bedspread, American Way Bedspread, Victoria Regina Bedspread, Rhythm Bedspread, Sunflower Bedspread, Bed of Roses Bedspread, Crystal Web Bedspread, Ballerina Bedspread, Arcady Bedspread.

Here are some wide-awake new ideas for crocheted bedspreads that are worth handing down to the future! Ideas that keep in step with tradition, or that give your decorative scheme a fresh, new look. Cleverly diversified, these patterns will spread beauty on your beds.

The crochet bedspread done in the grand manner is the classic covering for a fine bed. But lots of young homemakers who start out modestly and who live informally will thrill to the patterns that fit into their smartly simple decorations—patterns that aren't too grand for everyday living, yet have the beauty that is associated with fine handwork.

The intrinsic value of a bedspread lies in its beautiful design—in its fine handwork, so naturally you will select a thread that will carry on this beauty. Generations of women have found that tried and true J. & P. Coats or Clark's O.N.T. crochet cottons give the fine results that make a crocheted bedspread memorable!

Knitting Patterns: