Bootees Pattern #5305

Bootees No. 5305 Pattern

Infant Size

Soakers Pattern #5293

Soakers No. 5293 Pattern

Infant Size

MATERIALS: Chadwick's Red Heart Baby Wool, 2 balls (¾ oz. balls) … Bone Crochet Hook No. 3

Common Crochet Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Everybody makes mistakes. When you’re new to crocheting, you’ll realize this pretty quickly.

3 Simple Crochet Stitches to Learn Today

If you’ve never attempted to crochet, the thought of it can be rather intimidating.

Which Is Easier Learning To Crochet Or Knit?

Yarn art can be a fantastic way to unwind, create, and enjoy a happier life. When you’re looking at options you may wonder which is easier; learning to crochet or learning to knit?

Crochet Supplies – What You Need To Get Started

Crocheting is a fun hobby. You can make anything from pot holders and plant hangers to adorable little kitschy dolls. You can make clothing, household items and much more.

Woolies for Babies | Book No. 224 | The Spool Cotton Company

Woolies for Babies
Book No. 224
Chadwick's Red Heart Wools
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1945

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Patterns Included: 
Shirt & Soakers, two Soakers, Sacque, Bootees, Bunting, two Baby Blankets, two Sacque-Kimono & Bootees, two Bonnet & Mittens, Baby Snowsuit, Toy Ball, four Baby Sweaters, Toy Bear, Cap & Mittens, Sacque & Bed Jacket, Baby Outfit.

A beguiling assortment of soft-as-down, sweet-as-sugar little garments for that Pretty Important Person who's coing to your house to stay.

Colonial Rug Pattern #9448

Colonial Rug Pattern

58 Inches in Diameter

MATERIALS: Clark's O.N.T. Cotton Rug Yarn, 12 balls each of Red and Yellow; 18 balls of Green.

Simplicity in Stripes Rug Pattern #9453

Simplicity in Stripes Rug Pattern

24 x 36 Inches

MATERIALS: Clark's O.N.T. Cotton Rug Yarn, 9 balls each of Deep Rose and Beauty Rose … Clark's O.N.T. Rug Hook, Size G.

Criss-Cross Rug Pattern #9460

Criss-Cross Rug Pattern

24 x 36 Inches

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