Toaster Cover and Pot Holder Pattern #S-954

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Toaster Cover and Pot Holder Pattern #S-954

COATS & CLARK'S O.N.T. "SPEED-CRO-SHEEN" MERCERIZED COTTON, Art. C.44: 4 balls of No. 49 Chartreuse Green for Toaster Cover and 2 balls for Pot Holder.
J. & P. COATS "KNIT-CRO-SHEEN," Art. A.64: A few yards of No. 1 White, No. 9 Yellow, No. 37 Dk. Lavender, No. 32-A Nu-Purple, No. 122 Watermelon for flowers and No. 48 Hunter's Green for stems and leaves.
Milwards Steel Crochet Hooks No. 2/0 (double zero) and No. 7.
A bone ring, ¾ inch in diameter.

GAUGE: 5 sts make 1 inch; 7 rows make 2 inches.

TOASTER COVER–Side (Make 2) … Starting at lower edge with "Speed-Cro-Sheen" and No. 2/0 hook, ch 60. 1st row: Half dc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across (58 sts). Ch 2, turn. 2nd row: Half dc in each half dc across. Ch 2, turn. The 2nd row constitutes the pattern. Work in pattern until piece measures 4½ inches. Dec 1 st at both ends of next row and on every other row thereafter 3 times in all—to dec 1 st, work off 2 sts as 1 st. Now dec 1 st at both ends of every row until 48 sts remain. Break off.

GUSSET … Starting at narrow edge, ch 30. Work in pattern as for Side until piece measures 22 inches. Break off.

To join Gusset: With wrong sides facing, pin Side to Gusset and work a row of sc through both thicknesses across, turn. Sl st in each sc across. Break off. Complete other Side to correspond. Now, sl st around entire lower edge. Break off.

FLOWER (Make 4) … Starting at center with "Knit-Cro-Sheen" (any color) and No. 7 hook, ch 2. 8 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sl st in first sc. Break off. Attach contrasting color.

FIRST PETAL ... 1st row: Ch 3, dc in same place as thread was attached, 2 dc in next sc. Ch 3, turn. 2nd row: Holding back on hook the last loop of each dc, dc in next 3 dc, thread over and draw through all loops on hook; ch 3, sl st in top of starting chain. Break off and attach same color to sc at base of last dc of first row. Now complete flower, working exactly as for First Petal until there are 8 petals in all (the last 2 dc of 8th petal are made in same place as first st of First Petal).

STEM … With Hunter's Green, make a chain to measure 3 inches. Turn and sl st in each ch. Break off. Make 3 more stems to measure 3½, 4 and 4½ inches long respectively.

LEAF (Make 8) … With Hunter's Green, ch 13. Sc in 2nd ch from hook, half dc in next 2 ch, dc in next 2 ch, tr in next ch, dc in next 2 ch, half dc in next 2 ch, sc in next ch, sl st in last ch, then sl st around entire leaf. Break off.
   Sew flowers, leaves and stems in place as illustrated.

POT HOLDER–Side (Make 2) … Ch 34. Work in pattern as for Toaster Cover for 6½ inches. Break off. With wrong sides facing, work sc through both thicknesses around outer edge. Join and break off. Make 3 flowers and 3 leaves. Sc around bone ring. Sew flowers, leaves and ring in place as illustrated.