Woven Luncheon Mats Pattern

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2 skeins #305 Multicolor (Blue, Yellow, and Black).
2 skeins Lt. Yellow are required for each mat.
Aluminum crochet hook size H.

Each mat measures about 12 inches x 16½ inches without fringe.

With Multi-color ch 64, d c in 6th st from hook, * ch 1, skip 1 st of ch, d c in next st of ch, repeat from * across row (30 meshes), ch 4, turn.
2nd Row. D c in next d c, * ch 1, d c in next d c, repeat from * across row ending with ch 1, skip 1 st, d c in next st, ch 4, turn. Repeat the 2nd row for entire mat working 1 more row Multi-color (when changing color always complete last half of last st with next color), * 2 rows Lt. Yellow, 1 row Multi-color, repeat from * 3 times, 2 rows Lt. Yellow, 3 rows Multi-color, cut yarn. The pattern is darned in using 3 strands of yarn through each mesh crosswise working over 1 d c and under the next d c, reversing the over and under in each row allowing about 4 inches on each side for fringe. Darn 3 rows of meshes in Multi-color, * 2 rows of meshes in Lt. Yellow, 1 row of meshes in Multi-color, repeat from * 3 times, 2 rows of meshes in Lt. Yellow, 3 rows of meshes in Multi-color. Knot 2 strands of fringe together across each short end. Trim evenly. Make 3 more mats in same manner.

Other great patterns from Today's Crochet Book, Book No. 115.

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