Crocheted Bolero Pattern #704-6

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Crocheted Bolero

Sizes 12 to 14 and 16 to 18
Original made of Columbia Minerva Nylon Ribbon and Columbia Minerva Knitting Worsted—Color: White

Columbia Minerva Nylon Ribbon (100 yard spool)
Size 12 to 14—3 spools
Size 16 to 18—4 spools


Columbia Minerva Knitting Worsted (4 ounce skein)
Size 12 to 14—2 skeins
Size 16 to 18—2 skeins


Columbia Lustra Minerva Sparkletone (2 ounce skein)
Size 12 to 14—5 skeins
Size 16 to 18—5 skeins

1 "Boye" Aluminum Crochet Hook "F" (Size 3 or 4)

Gauge: 1 Pattern to 1 inch; 3 Rows to 1¼ inches

PATTERN STITCH: (Multiple of 6 Ch. plus 1)
Row 1—1 D.C. in 4th Ch. from hook, 1 D.C. in same Ch. (1 Shell, counting Ch.3 at start), *skip 2 Ch., 1 S.C. in next Ch., skip 2 Ch., 3 D.C. (Shell) in next Ch., repeat from * across row, ending skip 2 Ch.. 1 S.C. in last Ch.. Ch.3. turn.
Row 2—2 D.C. in S.C. (Shell—counting Ch.3). *1 S.C. in center of next Shell. 1 Shell in next S.C., repeat from * across row, ending 1 S.C. in center of last Shell. Ch.3, turn.
Repeat Row 2 for Pattern, working 2 rows with Knitting Worsted, then 2 rows with Nylon Ribbon.

SIZES: 12 to 14 (16 to 18)

BACK: With Knitting Worsted Ch.85 (Ch.97). Work in Pattern St. for 2 rows, 14 Patterns (16 Patterns) across row, drop yarn but do not break. Join Ribbon and con­tinue in Pattern St. Increase 1 Pattern on 2nd Ribbon Stripe as follows:
Row 7—Work across row, working 1 whole Shell in back loop of last St., Ch.1, turn.
Row 8—Work 1 S.C. in center of Shell, continue across row, ending 1 whole Shell in back loop of last St., Ch.1. turn.
Rows 9 and 10—Work even, starting rows with 1 S.C. and ending with 1 Shell, 15 Patterns (17 Patterns).
Row 11—Increase at end of row by working 1 S.C. in back loop of last St., Ch.3, turn.
Row 12—1 Shell in S.C.. work across row, ending 1 S.C. in back loop of last St., Ch.3. turn.
Work 2 rows even (same as original Pattern).
Rows 15 to 18—Same as Rows 7 to 10, break Knitting Worsted strand and fasten.
Rows 19 and 20—Same as Rows 11 and 12, 18 Patterns (20 Patterns) cut Ribbon and fasten.
Row 21—With Knitting Worsted Ch.12 for Right Sleeve, join and continue across row in Pattern St., ending Ch.15 for Left Sleeve, turn.
Row 22—Work 2 Patterns on Ch. (starting with 2 D.C. in 4th Ch. from work), work across row, ending work 2 Patterns on Ch., Ch.3, turn, 22 Patterns (24 Patterns).
Work even until sleeve edges measure 6" (6½").

To Shape Shoulders: Slip St. across 4½ Patterns at beginning of row, work to within Patterns at end of row. Next row slip St. across 4½ Patterns (5½ Patterns) at beginning of row. work to within 4½ Patterns (5½ Patterns) at end of row. Cut Ribbon and Yarn and fasten. The remaining 4 Patterns are for back of neck.

LEFT FRONT: With Knitting Worsted Ch.49 (Ch.55). Work in Pattern St., 8 Patterns (9 Patterns) increasing only ½ Pattern at a time (1 Shell or 1 S.C.) on Rows 7, 11, 15 and 19, 10 Patterns (11 Patterns) across row.
On Row 21 Ch.15 at end of row for Sleeve, working 2 Patterns across Ch. on next row.

When front edge measures 12" (12½") from start.
To Shape Neck: Slip St. across 1½ Patterns at front edge. On next row work to within 1½ Patterns at same edge. When sleeve edge measures same as at Back, shape Shoulder to correspond with Rack.

RIGHT FRONT: Work same as Left Front.

Sew shoulder seams.

SLEEVE BORDERS: Fasten Knitting Worsted at corner.
Row 1—Work 70 S.C. (80 S.C.) across sleeve edge. Ch.2. turn.
Row 2—*Skin 1 S.C., 1 S.C. in next St., Ch.1. repeat from * across row. Ch.2. turn.
Row 3—*1 S.C. in next Ch.1 space, Ch.1, repeat from * across row. Ch.2. turn.
Repeat Row 3 two times more, break yarn and fasten. Sew underarm seams.
Work Border around Fronts, lower edge and neck edge in same manner as on Sleeves, increasing at corners (to keep flat) on 2nd and 4th rows by working S.C. and Ch.1 three times in each corner.