Manor House Doily Pattern #7648

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Manor House Doily Pattern

Doily measures 22 inches square.



J. & P. Coats —6 balls of White or Ecru, or

Clark's O.N.T.—10 balls of White or Ecru.

Steel Crochet Hook No. 12.

Gauge: 9 sps make 2 inches; 9 rows make 2 inches.

First Scallop … Starting at bottom ch 84. 1st row: Tr in 5th ch from hook, tr in each ch across. Ch 47, turn. 2nd row: Tr in 5th ch from hook, tr in next 42 ch (11 bls increased), tr in next 80 tr (20 bls over 20 bls made), make a foundation tr in top st of turn­ing ch as follows: Thread over twice, insert hook in ch and pull loop through, thread over and draw through 1 loop on hook—ch st made to be used as a foun­dation st for next dc; (thread over and draw through 2 loops) 3 times—foun­dation tr completed. * Thread over twice, insert hook in specified ch st and complete another foundation tr as before. Repeat from * 22 more times; then thread over twice, insert hook in ch at base of last foundation tr made and make 1 tr in usual way (6 bls increased). Ch 7, turn. 3rd row: Inc 1 bl, tr in 47 tr (9 bls over 9 bls made), (ch 3, skip 3 tr, tr in next tr) 14 times (14 sps over 14 bls made); make 14 bls, inc 2 bls. Ch 7, turn. 4th row: Inc 1 bl, make 6 bls, 10 sps, (ch 3, tr in next tr) 14 times (14 sps over 14 sps made); make 7 sps, 3 bls, inc 5 bls. Fasten off.

Second Scallop … Starting at bot­tom ch 84. 1st row: Same as 1st row of 1st Scallop. Ch 27, turn. 2nd row: Inc 6 bls, make 20 bls, inc 11 bls. Ch 11, turn. 3rd row: Inc 2 bls, make 14 bls, 14 sps, 9 bls, inc 1 bl. Ch 23, turn. 4th row: Inc 5 bls, make 3 bls, 31 sps, 6 bls, inc 1 bl, ch 3 loosely, sl st in top st of turning ch at beginning of 4th row of 1st Scallop. Fasten off. 5th row: Attach thread in last tr at end of 4th row of 1st Scallop. Ch 4, turn and work 7 bls, 34 sps, 5 bls, tr in each of next 3 sts of joining ch, 5 bls, 34 sps, 7 bls. Ch 4, turn. 6th and 7th rows: Follow chart. Ch 4, turn. 8th row: Make 2 bls, 19 sps, (3 tr in next sp, tr in next tr) 5 times (5 bls over 5 sps made); 5 sps, 6 bls, 7 sps, 5 bls, 7 sps, 6 bls, 5 sps, 5 bls, 19 sps, 2 bls. Ch 7, turn. Starting with 9th row follow chart until 35th row is complete. Do not ch to turn. 36th row: Sl st in 4 tr, ch 4 and follow chart across (1 bl decreased at each end of row). Ch 4, turn. Now follow chart to top. Then reverse chart, omit last row and work back to 1st row. Fasten off. Block to measurement given.

Manor House Doily Pattern chart