Crochet Scarf Patterns

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How You Can Effortlessly Make Your Own Crochet Scarf

If you want to understand crochet, you must have the drive, patience and desire to learn it. It’s not that difficult to understand crochet scarf patterns, whatever you may see or think. After all, once you know the basic crocheting abbreviations, you can begin your first successful masterpiece.


How To Produce A Slip Knot

Every single crochet piece and project will begin with a “slip knot”. To begin, have your palm facing you and position the yarn tip crosswise on the pam. Go right to left and back again so it’ll cross over the right palm and lay across the tip of the initial yarn strand. Beginning at the top and going to the bottom, reach below both ends and bring up the longest strand. Now, place the crochet hook into the loop created and tighten it to produce the knot.

Crochet Stitch Basics

Crochet Scarf PatternThe most rudimentary crochet stitches include:

Chain - ch
Single crochet - sc
Half double crochet - hdc
Double crochet - dc
Treble crochet – tr

The first thing you need to do is make the chain or foundation chain stitch. With your slip knot on the hook, you’ll need to do a yarn over (yo), which is done by taking the hook around the long yarn tip, beginning from left to right and pulling the loop past through the existing loop already on the hook. Continue this process to make as many chains as the pattern needs.

Here are some general crochet stitches and abbreviations:

1 – Chain Stitch - Start with one loop, hook the yarn and bring it through to make one chain. Repeat the process when you need more.
2 – Slip Stitch - Place the hook into a chain stitch and yarn over. Pull it through the chain and loop on the hook.
3 – Single Crochet - Place the hook in the chain stitch; yarn over and pull through chain to make two loops on hook. Yarn over and draw up through the two loops.
4 – Half Double Crochet - Yarn over and insert hook into chain. Repeat yarn over and pull it through the chain. Yarn over once more and pull through all three loops.
5 – Double Crochet - Yarn over and insert hook into chain. Yarn over gain and pull yarn through chain to make the three loops on hook.
6 – Yarn Over - Pull through two loops; yarn over again and pull through two loops once again.
7 – Triple Crochet - Yarn over a couple of times and insert hook into chain and yarn over again. Pull yarn through chain to make four loops on the hook.

Then “yarn over and pull through 2 loops”. Now yarn over then “pull through 2 loops” once more. Yarn over then “pull through the last 2 loops”.

Need a beginner scarf pattern because you're ready to work on some crochet scarf patterns? If so, here is one for you:

Begin with ch 15, which means you need to produce 15 chain stitches.

“Row 1, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in ea of next 13 chs, ch 1 (to turn). (14 sc)”

In doing a single crochet into the “second chain from the hook”, do not add anymore to the chain found on the “hook”. Only count the very first chain which attached to the hook.

“Row 2, sc in ea sc across, then ch 1, to turn. (14 sc)”

Make sure you do one crochet stitch in each single crochet stitch across.

If the pattern doesn’t tell you to do just one loop, it’s acknowledged you crochet both loops of the stitch, inserting the hook beneath the top loops so you can create the next sole stitch.

This pattern requires you to work in the 2 loops of every “single crochet” for the second row and all the additional rows.

For the additional rows, you need to do the second row, until such time when you have already made the scarf’s length that is ideal to you.

“Last Row, sc in ea sc across. (14 sc)”

Do a “single crochet” in every single crochet going across and never make a “chain 1 at the end of the row”.

Be sure you leave some length on the yarn to secure the product. Weave the end, cut the yarn and weave the ends.