Crochet Supplies – What You Need To Get Started

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Crocheting is a fun hobby. You can make anything from pot holders and plant hangers to adorable little kitschy dolls. You can make clothing, household items and much more. However, before you can make anything, you’ll need to purchase a few crochet supplies. Here’s what you need to get started.crochet hooks

Crochet Hooks

Crochet hooks come in a variety of sizes. They can be made from aluminum, plastic, or even bamboo. Many crochet experts recommend starting with a hook that is made from aluminum rather than plastic because it will be easier to use for someone new to crochet.

Additionally, many recommend that H-8 and I-9 sized hooks are best for beginners. You may want to buy a few different sizes or try them out at your local hobby store. Most crochet kits only come with a standard size, so if you’re buying a crochet kit you may want to purchase extra hooks just in case the standard size doesn’t fit your hands.


Consider purchasing a few sizes and colors of yarn. You’ll want to practice with different sizes and you might as well make it fun by purchasing yarn that makes you smile and is fun to work with.


You probably already have a pair of scissors, but you might want to buy another pair that you’ll use specifically for crocheting. That way you’ll always have them when you need them.

Crochet Journal

A journal is a great way to track stitches while you’re in the midst of a project. It can also be a place to store patterns and other crochet project ideas. You may also want to use your journal to store any templates. As you learn how to crochet it can be handy to keep stitch instructions nearby.

Crochet Organization System – Tote or Shelving

As you learn to crochet and become proficient at it, you’ll acquire an abundance of materials. Find a system to organize and store your supplies. You may want a box or bag to store your crocheting supplies and a shelving system for your growing collection of yarn and completed projects.

Crochet Books and Patterns

Finally, you’ll likely want to purchase a few patterns and crochet books. Many books are dedicated to a specific type of project. For example, you can find books devoted to crocheting dog sweaters or crocheting stuffed animals.

Learning to crochet and improving your skills is a fun and exciting time. Purchase crocheting supplies that fit your budget but also make you feel good. Crocheting is both a craft and an art.