Child's Afghan Pattern

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Child's Afghan Pattern

Size: 49 x 70 inches without fringe

Materials Required:
14 - 4 ounce skeins Scarlet
2 - 4 ounce skeins White
1 - 1 ounce skein National Blue

1  Tapestry Needle

GAUGE: 4 sts = 1 inch; 3 rows = 1 inch

AFGHAN STRIPS: (Make 3) With Scarlet ch 40 and work 39 afghan sts on ch. AFGHAN STITCH: In­sert hook in 2nd st, pull loop through, leaving all loops on hook pick up and pull a loop through each remaining st of ch. Work back by drawing yarn through 1st loop, then work off remaining loops 2 at a time, do not turn. 2nd ROW: Skip the 1st vertical bar of st, then pull a loop through each remaining vertical bar to within last vertical bar, insert hook under last vertical bar and edge of work, do not turn, yam over and pull loop through 1st loop, then work off all remaining loops 2 at a time. Repeat 2nd row for entire afghan. Repeat 2nd row until there are 208 rows of afghan sts. NEXT ROW: Work a sl st in each vertical bar across row, cut yarn. Embroider the designs in cross st following chart beginning 1st design in the 7th row from lower edge and leaving 5 rows free between each of the six groups. There will be 6 free rows at top of strip. With National Blue embroider eyes and nose of soldiers with a french knot and mouth with a straight st.

BORDER: With wrong side of work toward you attach Scarlet in cor­ner of 1st row, ch 3, 2 d c in same space, skip 2nd and 3rd rows on side of strip, 3 d c in next row, * skip 2 rows, 3 d c in next row, repeat from * across strip, ch 3, turn. 2nd ROW: Work in star st as follows: Draw a loop through each of 2nd and 3rd sts from hook and through each of 1st 3 d c of pre­vious row picking up front loop of each d c only and drawing loop up about ¾ inch, y o and draw through all loops on hook at one time, ch 1 (this ch 1 is termed the eye of star st), * drawing each loop up about ¾ inch and picking up front loop of d c only, draw a loop through eye of star st just made, last d c of previous star st, and in each of next 3 d c, y o and draw through all loops at one time, ch 1, repeat from * across row, ch 3, turn. 3rd ROW: Work 3 d c in eye of each star st, ch 3, turn. Repeat 2nd and 3rd rows once, cut yarn. Work other side of strip to correspond. Work border on remaining strips.

FINISHING: Overcast strips tog sewing through both loops. Work a row of s c across short ends.

FRINGE: Cut Scarlet into 7 inch lengths. Take 4 strands, double in half, draw through and knot in every 3rd s c across each short end. Trim fringe evenly.
Child's Afghan Pattern chart